Nikon Ambassador Program Recognizes Storytellers Who Inspire Photography

Nikon Ambassador Program Recognizes Storytellers Who Inspire Photography


Melville, NY—Nikon’s newly launched Nikon Ambassador program is a collective initiative dedicated to recognizing the most influential leaders in modern photography. The company believes the significance of these photographers goes beyond the creation of inspiring imagery; this diverse group of individuals has shown a commitment to empowering photographers with knowledge, providing guidance for the imaging community and a mastery of technology and trends.

“We understand the business is changing, and this program will help us to anticipate the needs of our professional customers, while paying homage to some of the best photographers today,” said Mike Corrado, NPS manager, pro relations and product marketing, Nikon Inc. “While we know the program will evolve and grow, the core ideas will never change; the Nikon Ambassadors exist to communicate the needs of the working pro to Nikon, as an outlet for their honest thoughts about the direction of the industry, to help photographers thrive in their business and inspire others to pick up a camera and shoot.”

The founding idea behind the Ambassador program is to create a mutually beneficial collective to help bolster the photo industry and individuals. The Ambassadors will use their experience to empower photographers through education and inspiration. Whether it’s an enthusiast attending an interactive workshop or a seasoned pro learning a new technique, all levels of photographer will benefit from the teachings and guidance of Nikon Ambassadors.

From shooting and marketing a studio to social media and running a successful imaging business, the Ambassadors will help to equip a new generation of professionals with the tools and knowledge to succeed. Additionally, they will work directly with Nikon to communicate the needs of the evolving photo industry, with feedback on a broad range of topics that affect photographers, such as workflow, service and product.

To be selected as an Ambassador, a photographer must be considered among the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business. This group consists of gifted, spirited storytellers who are admired for their passion, energy and commitment to their craft. The Ambassadors represent an array of backgrounds and shooting disciplines that reflect the breadth of professional photographers today, including wedding/portraiture, fashion, wildlife, sports, adventure and multimedia.

These selected artists have evolved with Nikon through the years and represent a mastery of technology and trends that have had a positive impact on their business.  The tech-savvy, influential shooters have embraced digital capture and social media to help educate their fans, friends and followers as part of a community.

“I feel very thankful and proud to be joining the Nikon Ambassadors. I have shot Nikon cameras since 1973, and to be recognized by the company’s camera system I have used for my whole career is a wonderfully defining moment,” said Joe McNally, renowned professional photographer. “I look forward to collaborations with Nikon, and its personnel, in creating assignments, advising about the technology and bringing the messages of the photographer in the field back to the engineers who design these elegant, terrific cameras. I am also very proud to be included in the group of ambassadors, who are all noteworthy, iconic photographers of long standing.”

The 2013 Nikon Ambassadors, in alphabetical order are: James Balog; Dave Black; Dixie Dixon; Bill Frakes; Jerry Ghionis; Lucas Gilman; Andrew Hancock; Robin Layton; Ron Magill; Cliff Mautner; Joe McNally; Sandro Miller; B. Moose Peterson; Corey Rich; Vincent Versace; and Ami Vitale.