PicsArt Names Natalia Vodianova Head of Aspiration

PicsArt Names Natalia Vodianova Head of Aspiration

Supermodel and Philanthropist Joins PicsArt


San Francisco, CA—PicsArt announced the appointment of Natalia Vodianova, supermodel and philanthropist, as its head of Aspiration. In this new role, Vodianova will inspire and suggest opportunities to drive positive change through creativity. She has also joined the company’s advisory board. PicsArt is a leading image-editing app and creative social network.

Natalia Vodianova

“We are thrilled to welcome a talent and role model like Natalia into our family,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, PicsArt’s CEO.

“Natalia has been deeply involved in bringing creative inspiration to the world through fashion and social commitment. She’ll help connect the fashion world and the brands and charities she works with to our creative community of 90 million monthly active users, for remixing and inspiration.”

The role is an extension of Vodianova’s focus on social activism and her vision of creativity. In fact, she sees creativity as a powerful, collaborative tool to activate people around social causes, in a fun, light and engaging way.

Over the last five years, Vodianova has established herself as a tech-entrepreneur by founding Elbi, a digital platform that puts creativity to the support of many different charity causes. Elbi fundraises for them and rewards users for their activity.

Last year, Vodianova helped normalize breastfeeding through her participation in the viral #TreeOfLife phenomenon that swept the Internet. PicsArt fueled the movement. She, along with tens of thousands of mothers globally, turned breastfeeding photos into works of art and shared them socially.

“I’m excited to be part of a community where social sharing finally meets real engagement. PicsArt users collectively contribute millions of images a day, in a true celebration of love and colors that goes well beyond scrolling and liking. I see in it the power to ignite concrete change and bring visibility to very important causes,” said Vodianova.

“I’m joining PicsArt because I believe people are capable of the most amazing things when they have full freedom and creativity in their hands and a purpose to apply them to. When users become aware of their collaborative power, engagement grows naturally.”
Nadia-Vodianova-w-stickersNatalia Vodianova can be followed via her PicsArt profile,, where she’ll be challenging fans and the PicsArt community to be more creative. Furthermore, she is offering access to inspirational stickers on her PicsArt profile. The stickers are free to use and edit. Plus she’ll announce contests and challenges that are free to enter, available to everyone globally.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova has walked hundreds of runway shows and starred in some of the most famous campaigns for top brands, such as H&M, Prada, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and also David Yurman. Nicknamed “Supernova” by her industry, she is one of the most iconic supermodels over the last fifteen years.

In addition, she is a hands-on mother of five children and has established herself as an inspiring, active philanthropist. Moreover, her charity organization, the Naked Heart Foundation, founded in 2004, works to tackle the stigma of disability and ensure that every child has a loving family and a stimulating place to play.

With the launch of her digital platform, Elbi, she strove to make philanthropy part of everybody’s life. Through Elbi, she empowers others to fundraise for charitable purposes. In addition, via the platform she spreads the philosophy that every little act of love counts.

Vodianova is also a board member of the Special Olympics International and an ambassador.