PMA to Award Lifetouch Exec with 2014 Hall of Fame Award

PMA to Award Lifetouch Exec with 2014 Hall of Fame Award


Jackson, MI—PMA named John Segall of Lifetouch Inc. the recipient of the 2014 PMA Hall of Fame Award—PMA’s highest honor. PMA is recognizing Segall for decades of service to PMA and to the imaging industry as a whole. Segall will be presented with the award on January 7, 2014, during the 2014 PMA@CES, at the LVH in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“With his long and remarkable service to PMA and the entire imaging industry, John continues and builds upon a proud family legacy,” said PMA president Allen Showalter. “On behalf of the entire PMA membership, it is truly a privilege to recognize John with the PMA Hall of Fame Award, as a symbol of our thanks for his lifetime of hard work and dedication.”

Segall was born into a photographic family. His grandfather, Louis Segall, was a portrait photographer in Germany; his father, Karl Segall, a Professional School Photographers Association (PSPA) past president and a recipient of the PMA Distinguished Service Award, joined his father in opening a photography studio after they immigrated to America in 1938.

John and his brother, Jeff, joined the family business more than 40 years ago. In 1995, the Segall brothers sold both Segall-Majestic and Elegant Images to Lifetouch Inc., where they continue to work.

Segall attended his first PMA seminar in New Orleans in 1974. He joined the PSPA board of directors in 1982, serving until 1988. He was elected president of PSPA in 1985, a position Jeff Segall also held (1995). He also served on the PMA board of directors from 1989–1997. In 1993, he was elected president and became a PMA Lifetime member in 1994. He was also a member of the PMA Services board of directors from 2004–2012.

John Segall was also the organizer of the industry gift to Roy S. Pung when Pung retired from PMA in 2002, and Segall received the PMA Distinguished Service Award in 2008 and the PSPA Lynx Award in 2012.

Segall currently serves the imaging industry as vice president and board member of the International Photographic Council (IPC), and he organized and staged the United Nations Exhibition of Photography on behalf of the IPC at photokina 2012. He is also a member of the Buck Rogers/NPG Group.