Sony Reorganization Includes CE Division

Sony Reorganization Includes CE Division


Sony last week announced a reorganization of its operations, with CEO Howard Stringer both taking on the title of president and taking control of the company’s CE business.

Former president Ryoji Chubachi will become vice chairman. The changes will take effect in April, the company said.

“Consumers want products that are networked, multi-functional and service-enhanced utilizing open technologies, and user experiences that are rich, shared and, increasingly, green,” Stringer said in a statement. "This reorganization is designed to transform Sony into a more innovative, integrated and agile global company with its next generation of leadership firmly in place. The changes we’re announcing today will accelerate the transformation of the Company that began four years ago. They will now make it possible for all of Sony’s parts to work together to assume a position of worldwide leadership and, together, achieve great things.”

Sony’s stock rose on news of the move.