WPPI and PhotoPlus Add Industry Veterans to Exec Team

WPPI and PhotoPlus Add Industry Veterans to Exec Team


New York, NY—The Emerald Expositions Photo Group welcomed two industry veterans to its team. Colin King and Dan Neri both bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and relationships within the photography and cinematography industry to WPPI and PhotoPlus.

Colin King

King assumed the role of the Photo Group Show director, effective September 3. He has a long background in the industry; most recently he was the director of International Sales and Marketing at Chimera Lighting. He also has more than a decade of industry experience working with brands such as Fiilex, Hasselblad, Broncolor and Phase One.  Emerald-Expositions-Logo

Moreover, King is now responsible for developing and managing Photo Group events, WPPI and PhotoPlus, as well as driving content, promotion and industry support.

“I’m delighted to be joining the team as Show director,” said King. “This community has such a long-standing history among creative professionals. I look forward to honoring that heritage while also developing progressive initiatives that will continue to propel this industry forward and satisfy the diverse needs of our exhibitors and attendees alike.”

Dan Neri
Dan-Neri WPPI and PhotoPlus

Dan Neri

Neri joined the team on August 7, 2019 in a newly created position: manager of Attendee Acquisition and Delegate Sales. His experience managing Canon’s Explorers of Light program and as a freelance photographer translates to his responsibilities in this new role at WPPI and PhotoPlus.

In addition, Neri will connect with the community of photographers and cinematographers to understand their unique challenges; and he will help create programs that will improve their individual and collective conference experiences.

“I’m very excited about joining the Photo Group,” said Neri. “Having been an exhibitor and a photographer myself, I have great relationships with members of the team. And I understand the needs of our attendees. I look forward to utilizing my perspective as an exhibitor and photographer to improve the experience for the passionate members of this community.”

WPPI and PhotoPlus

Both WPPI and PhotoPlus are owned by Emerald Expositions, a leading operator of business-to-business trade shows in the U.S. The company currently operates more than 55 trade shows, as well as numerous other face-to-face events.

In 2017, Emerald’s events connected more than 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors. Moreover, they occupied more than 6.9 million NSF of exhibition space.