Phase One to Sponsor Felix Schoeller Photo Award’s Emerging Photographer Category

Phase One to Sponsor Felix Schoeller Photo Award’s Emerging Photographer Category


Osnabrück, Germany—Phase One, the Danish manufacturer of high-end, open-platform medium-format cameras, has become an international sponsoring partner for the 2015 Felix Schoeller Photo Award.

The winner of the Emerging Photographer category will have the chance to use a Phase One camera system for a month, including a Phase One camera with three lenses, the latest digital back and Capture One Pro, a software package designed for optimized capture and postproduction workflow. The winner of the award also will be given intensive training on all of the equipment, either in one of Phase One’s worldwide branches or with one of their retailers. The winner will then have a month in which to use the equipment to finish a project. The value of the prize is based on the official cost of renting the package, which makes the company’s contribution worth more than $20,000.

“We are thrilled about the partnership. The value of the prize Phase One is offering is cause for great excitement, which I am sure our young photographers share,” commented Dr. Friederike Texter, senior vice president, Corporate Communication, Felix Schoeller Group. “We are anticipating that this prize will be an incentive that could take the quality of the entries to an even higher level.”

Heinz Papst, of Phase One Deutschland, stressed the strategic aspect of the collaboration: “We believe that the Felix Schoeller Photo Award got off to a highly professional start. And the fact that it is committed to uncompromising photographic quality is reflected in the high-caliber makeup of its jury. It is this aspect in particular that gels with our endeavors to produce perfect technology for professional photographers. We are convinced that this collaboration is a perfect fit, which is why we are happy to be on board.”