Proofpix Business Service for Pro Photographers Debuts at WPPI

Proofpix Business Service for Pro Photographers Debuts at WPPI


Las Vegas, NV—A unique service catering to professional photographers, Proofpix makes its debut at WPPI 2019 in Las Vegas. Proofpix offers many of the services a photographer requires in one unified platform. It provides commission-free client galleries along with lab fulfillment, studio management tools to automate a photographer’s business as well as high-volume photography solutions.Proofpix Logo

For instance, Proofpix’s SortMagic app can save hours of time. The bundled approach also means that a photographer no longer has to pay for multiple services and can work from platform. Moreover, the combination of services under one roof means that Proofpix can automate tasks that other services may not.

“Using our custom forms, a photographer can allow their customers to preregister for an upcoming photo event. They can accept a deposit or a session fee, have the customer schedule a time and choose from optional available products or packages,” explained Julian Dormon, the founder of Proofpix. Proofpix-Home

“Once that form is submitted, our system creates a customer in the photographer’s built-in CRM. A password-protected gallery is created in the event automatically; an order for that customer is started and populated with their choices. And their e-mail is added to our mass e-mail event invitation without the photographer having to do a single thing. Even if you could do that with services like ShootProof, Calendly, MailChimp and JotForms, why would you want to work with four different services?”

Proofpix Key Services

In addition, Proofpix combines the following services: no-commission client galleries; lab and self-fulfillment; digital contracts; invoicing; custom forms with prepayments; customer appointments and scheduling; and mass e-mail with open, click-through and bounce tracking.

Furthermore, Proofpix differentiates itself by focusing on high-volume photography solutions. For example, GalleryMagic is a tool that creates galleries in an event automatically. GalleryMagic works from one of the following three workflows: CSV file upload; anonymous galleries are automatically generated before an event or on the fly at the event with the app; and custom forms can create galleries once submitted by a customer.

Multiple photographers at an event can use the Proofpix app.

Moreover, the SortMagic app eliminates the task of sorting thousands of images into hundreds of galleries without the need for QR codes or tethering equipment. In addition, multiple photographers at the same event can use the iOS/Android app. It also tracks each photographer’s time per session so photographers can stay on track. The app requires just two clicks between sessions to track users

In addition, the app can work without an Internet connection. It will sync later when it finds one. And photographers can share gallery URLs and passwords on the spot by any method (e-mail, SMS, social networks). It will also read QR codes to make gallery selection easier.