iStockphoto’s Mobile Imaging “Pocketography” Infographic

iStockphoto’s Mobile Imaging “Pocketography” Infographic


Calgary, Canada—iStockphoto,, a popular source for user-generated imagery and multimedia, published an infographic on mobile photo capture and sharing. It focuses on “Pocketography: the democratization of photography” brought about by consumer access to ever-increasing social media applications and ubiquitous smartphone cameras that now offer higher quality sensors and optics.

“When you take high-quality cameraphones, combine them with sophisticated social media apps and put them in the pockets of nearly every human on the planet, what you get is a whole new way of documenting history,” notes iStockphoto. And Pocketography has given rise to new image-sharing sites and a trend toward mobile journalism.

This issue’s installment is: “Instant” Photo Sharing over the Years.