The Camera Ranks High in Mobile Phone Purchase Decisions: InfoTrends

The Camera Ranks High in Mobile Phone Purchase Decisions: InfoTrends


Weymouth, MA—Affirming that cameraphones are now mainstream imaging devices, InfoTrends’ latest survey results show that nearly 86% of those surveyed own one.

Virtually all mobile phones available today include a camera, and InfoTrends research proves they are being used by 92% of their owners to take photos. InfoTrends’ 2013 U.S. Mobile Imaging End-User Survey explores how today’s cameraphones are affecting digital photography. Camera specifications and features have improved to the point that they have become the preferred camera overall, as well as for everyday use, notes the study, and the share of respondents who own smartphones increased significantly in 2013.

“Today’s consumers tend to be connected all the time,” said Carrie Sylvester, a consultant for InfoTrends’ Consumer Services. “I recommend that traditional camera vendors get on the smartphone bandwagon, because consumers still focus on cameras.”

InfoTrends’ study found that the embedded camera is the second most important feature in the purchase decision when choosing a phone. Since nearly all mobile phones have embedded cameras, the research firm believes that consumers will be turning their attention to features that enhance the photo and video experience. Handset vendors should review the feature list and prioritize which ones they can incorporate into future products.

Beyond the embedded camera, InfoTrends advises that vendors should focus on mobile apps. “One of the most popular innovations to come to mobile and traditional photography is the photo-editing app. Instagram is not only one of the more popular editing apps, but it also has become its own ‘Social Network’ that has young photographers taking and engaging with their own and friends’ photos.”

Sylvester also recommends that digital camera and mobile phone vendors offer users their own branded app, or support the more popular apps that allow digital photos to be edited and shared no matter if the photographer is dealing with their mobile or traditional digital photos.

InfoTrends’ 2013 U.S. Mobile Imaging End-User Survey discusses the demographics of cameraphone users and nonusers, outlines general cameraphone specifications and highlights respondents’ mobile photo behaviors.