Best Buy Ignite Showcases CE Start-ups at Retail

Best Buy Ignite Showcases CE Start-ups at Retail

The Ignite retail space in the new Mountain View, California, Best Buy store

Minneapolis, MN—Best Buy’s Ignite program will give customers access to more of the latest technology from some of the most inventive entrepreneurs and start-ups in consumer electronics.

The program features dedicated store space for products as well as services from start-ups. It will also bring a new section on There, customers can browse, learn about and purchase the newest products from start-ups. In addition, BestBuy has partnered with PCH. The product innovation company works with start-ups to help get their products into consumers’ hands faster and cheaper. Best-Buy-Logo.jpg

Revamped Best Buy Silicon Valley Store

An Ignite retail space in the new Mountain View Best Buy store is designed to enable customers to learn about some of the newest tech products. The Mountain View store opened on September 16 after relocating from Sunnyvale, California.

The Best Buy Ignite space currently features three experiences:


1. A selection of crowd-funded gadgets from start-ups. These include the Tangram smart rope, Flic smart button, RoBo 3D printer, Zuli Smartplug and Noke Bluetooth padlock
2. Wearable technology highlighting the latest from Under Armour
3. Audio showcasing Muzik smart and connected headphones plus Bragi wireless smart earphones

Other start-up products can be found online as well as in hundreds of Best Buy stores nationwide. Examples include the Petcube pet camera, Mevo live event camera, SkyLab camera stabilizers and Prynt instant photo printer.

Best Buy PCH Partnership

Best Buy’s partnership with PCH was inked to make it easier for Best Buy customers to get their hands on start-ups’ products. This is both in Best Buy stores as well as on Select start-ups will be able to take advantage of PCH’s services, including assistance with product development, manufacturing, packaging and also inventory management.

Prynt on an iPhone

Ignite Online

Additionally, later this fall, customers will be able to visit a new Best Buy Ignite page on to browse, learn about and shop for products from innovative start-ups. The new section will include a variety of gadgets, including many of those also featured in Best Buy’s Silicon Valley store.