Best Buy Reveals Modernized Logo and Branding

Best Buy Reveals Modernized Logo and Branding


Richfield, MN—Best Buy announced a campaign to revitalize its branding. As part of the efforts, for the first time in 30 years, the company redesigned its insignia into a more modernized logo.

“We’ve accomplished a lot at Best Buy over the past five years. The turnaround is over, and we’re focused on the future with our Best Buy 2020 growth strategy. As we focus on enriching people’s lives through technology, we’re expanding what we sell and evolving how we sell it. And now our brand’s evolving too,” the company announced.

The new marketing strategy, which launched May 9, celebrates the consumer electronic retailers’ new rallying cry: “Let’s talk about what’s possible.” It’s designed to reflect the story of Best Buy’s Blue Shirt associates. Best-Buy-Blue-Shirt-w-customerFurthermore, the creative elements of the refreshed branding include an updated Best Buy logo and a new look and feel with updated colors, photography and conversational language. The campaign’s goal is to highlight Best Buy’s culture as well as the expertise of its employees.

“Telling the story of our people—and how we make a meaningful impact on customers’ lives—is at the heart of this work,” added Whit Alexander, Best Buy’s chief marketing officer. “Our people are our insurmountable advantage.”

Modernized Logo

According to Alexander, the logo is now more modern and easier to read, especially in today’s digital world. “Best Buy” still appears in a black font, but now it resides outside of the company’s signature yellow tag. The tag serves as graphic punctuation and a visual connection to Best Buy’s history. Best-Buy-Logo-5-2018

“The updated logo is true to our heritage, but it’s really cleaned up,” he said. “It’s an evolution toward the future, and we’re really excited about that.”

The logo now appears on and in digital ads and TV commercials. Soon it also will be on uniforms, shopping bags and signage.

TV Commercial Campaign

In addition, new TV commercials and digital videos debuted on May 13. They focus on the Best Buy shopping experience, not just the products the retailer sells. The commercials highlight the Blue Shirts’ role as an inspiring friend who helps customers solve their needs and discover what’s possible with technology. The ads focus on the conversations between the Blue Shirts and customers.

Moreover, the ads were shot in black and white, with the only color being the bright blue of the Best Buy employee’s shirt. The products, meanwhile, were shot against a blue background.

“We have a great story to tell,” Alexander added. “The core of what differentiates Best Buy versus everyone else—and makes us awesome for customers—is that we understand your unique needs and how tech can enhance your life.”