B&H Offers Customers Tech Corner & Service Solutions

B&H Offers Customers Tech Corner & Service Solutions

B&H Tech Corner

New York, NY—As technology gets more complex and more specialized, the B&H superstore—located at 34th Street and 9th Avenue in New York City—offers unique solutions  to help solve today’s tech challenges. Among them are the B&H Tech Corner.

B&H has hundreds of product experts eager to help customers make the best decisions for all their tech needs, whether in photography; video; drones; computers; mobile; home entertainment; audio; smart home or gaming.

Customer service options also include store pickup; customers can buy items online and pick them up at the store, with most orders available in 30 minutes. B&H offers extended pickup hours, so customers can retrieve their orders an hour before the store opens, Monday through Friday, as well as an hour after the store closes, Monday through Thursday. Tech Corner BandH-Buy-online-pickup-store

Moreover, orders placed less than 30 minutes before store pickup closing or overnight (as late as 30 minutes before store pickup opening) will be available for pickup the next business day.

B&H Tech Corner

B&H also introduced customers to the B&H Tech Corner, located in the B&H superstore. At the Tech Corner, consumers can make a one-on-one appointment to learn more about the gear they own—for free. An expert will meet with customers to help them learn how to use their new gear, or how to improve their skills. To make an appointment, click here.

Another customer experience innovation B&H provides is its Payboo credit card. When customers pay with Payboo, B&H instantly credits back the equivalent of the sales tax paid; you pay the tax and B&H pays you back instantly.

B&H Payboo

What’s more, many customers have taken advantage of Payboo, available only at B&H. In New York City, where sales tax is 8.875%, Payboo savings are a major benefit for customers. Payboo is available to U.S. residents who have a social security or tax ID number; it is also subject to credit approval.