B&H & SmartGift Add Digital Gifting Services for the Holidays

B&H & SmartGift Add Digital Gifting Services for the Holidays


Las Vegas, NV—As a customerfocused company that was just recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service for 2019, B&H announced its latest digital customer experience innovation with SmartGift.

“At B&H Photo, we continuously push the boundaries to provide the best shopping experience for our customers,” said Jeff Gerstel, chief marketing officer. “We are proud to be the first consumer electronics retailer in the country to offer a complimentary digital gifting service that makes gift shopping easy and fun for our customers. We’re also excited to offer this service in time for the holiday season.”

SmartGift is a service that helps online shoppers give the perfect gift. B&H customers can send any item by e-mail or text instantly as well as pay after the recipient accepts the gift. B&H also offers the recipient the ability to personalize their gift, exchange it for a same or lesser valued item, or accept the original gift sent as is.

Moreover, after the recipient accepts their gift, the gift shopper is notified that the gift is ready for payment. The gift ships upon payment. In addition, there is no cost to the customer for the SmartGift service.

“We are thrilled to work with B&H on further elevating their customer experience. Shopping for others is inherently complex. Solving for it creates multitudes of new commerce, acquisition and personalized marketing opportunities,” said Monika Kochhar, CEO of SmartGift. “B&H’s highly engaged and passionate team gets the best out of their tech partners and we are fortunate to provide our solution to their customers.”


B&H is one of the world’s largest sellers of photo, video, audio, computer and creative technology. It sells through its e-commerce, B2B and New York superstore channels.

B&H Photo – Audio, New York City

Since 1973, it has catered to professionals as well as enthusiasts in the areas of imaging, audio and technology. In addition, “B&H prides itself on its family atmosphere and the talent and diversity of its many gifted employees.”


SmartGift is a next-generation consumer and personalization platform for brands and retailers. It offers a quick, easy and smart flow when people are gifting or purchasing for others. SmartGift is a conversational, peer-to-peer, gift-first pay-after model that opens new opportunities for online commerce.

Moreover, the insights the company gathers helps retailers and brands to become more people-centric in their marketing and personalization experiences