D&H Sees Strong Emerging Categories

D&H Sees Strong Emerging Categories

D&H Distributing, working from the Consumer Electronics Association’s recently announced holiday forecast, is planning to emphasize several product categories through the holiday season and into 2010, including Internet-connected TV, ebooks, and more, the distributor said this week.

D&H is attempting to help dealers and retailers access the "pent up demand" that CEA’s economists feel has been building among CE customers. Much of this, CEA has said, will be directed towards growing categories, which also include netbooks of the present and future generations, LED TV, cloud-based storage, health-monitoring products and more.

“It’s time to ask ourselves about the new consumer mindset.  What kind of merchandise and lifestyle are people picturing for themselves, post-recession?," D&H co-president Michael Schwab said as part of the announcement. "Which electronics will justify what might be their first significant CE purchases in a long time?.

 “If holiday sales are expected to be solid, we want our dealers to keep the momentum going in 2010, and with the right products to differentiate themselves, they can do it," Schwab added.