Giiv’s Mobile Gifting App

Giiv’s Mobile Gifting App


Here’s an app that should have great appeal to the large percentage of consumers who consider themselves last minute shoppers. Giiv is a mobile gifting service through which users enter an intended recipient's information once they've found the perfect present. The company takes it from there, texting a URL and code to the recipient, who can then redeem the gift either online or in the store. Giiv also promises to  deliver these gifts in real time.

Participating retailers thus far include Barnes & Noble,, TOMS Shoes and Fandango. The concept is fairly simple – the user finds a gift they want to give a friend or loved one and then they enter in his or her mobile number along with a note. texts them a URL and a giiv code to redeem his or her gift, either with a retailer at the brick-and-mortar location or online.

There are other similar mobile shopping apps currently available. American Greetings has a new service that sends a video card chosen from its website directly to handsets of nearly all major mobile carriers, according to a recent piece in the New York Times. It is offering this through a partnership with Mogreet.