Kodak Moments Retail Software Upgraded with More Photo Printing Products

Kodak Moments Retail Software Upgraded with More Photo Printing Products


Rochester, NY—Kodak Moments released a version of its Kodak Moments retail software upgraded for the photo printing market. Moreover, the new version enables retailers to offer consumers an expanded set of photo products to grow revenue. In all, Kodak Moments Retail Software version 23.2 delivers 60 new features and upgrades.

The upgrade was released to keep retailers on the leading edge of innovation, while making it easier for store clerks to manage and fulfill print orders. Furthermore, the software is compatible with a range of photo printing solutions. They include Kodak Moments Kiosks, Kodak Moments Self-Service Print Stations as well as the Kodak Moments Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) dry lab solution.

“Our software is the engine that drives our award-winning photo printing solutions and delivers value to retailers,” said Steve Turberg, director, Current Retail Solution,  Kodak Moments. “Hundreds of thousands of consumers use Kodak Moments touchpoints each day. We’re committed to keeping our retail partners up to date and ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve our software. This is one of the best ways to help retailers grow revenue, meet consumer demand, as well as deliver a superior experience.”

Kodak Moments Retail Software Upgraded

Kodak Moments Retail Software v23.2 is a full-featured program that now prioritizes ease of use and deployment for retail managers and store clerks. The company’s developers streamlined the system to enhance performance. They also made other improvements to ensure reliability in the field.

The new software gives retailers greater control over order fulfillment. Additionally, it allows store clerks to modify a print order on the APEX dry lab solution. When a clerk can re-prioritize an order quickly, especially if a consumer is waiting, it’s a win-win. Feedback from retailers on this feature enhancement was overwhelmingly positive, the company reported. Kodak-Moments_logo-10-23

Further, Kodak Moments Retail Software v23.2 offers a power-saving feature that allows retailers to save energy. Thermal printers can now go into sleep mode when not in use. This capability is available on Kodak Moments Kiosks, Self-Service Print Stations and APEX dry lab systems.

New Photo Products with Same-Day Fulfillment

With the new software, retailers can also offer several new photo products for same-day delivery. Consumers can design and purchase these personalized products by creating online and printing in store. They can also order directly from a Kodak Moments Kiosk or Self-Service Print Station. Store clerks can also print the expanded line of products using APEX dry labs.

Among the new products is the Kodak Moments Custom Cover Journal. It is a personalized notebook that features the consumer’s favorite photos plus a logo, design, or custom text on a hard cover. It has 100 lined pages that lay flat, which makes it easy to write in.

Furthermore, retailers now have access to an expanded drinkware module. Consequently, consumers have more photo mug colors to choose from. The drinkware products are now available in white and four two-tone color options: white with black, pink, red, or blue. Kodak-Moments Retail-Software-drinkware

What’s more, the Kodak Moments Coin Bank is now available customized with designs that feature consumers’ favorite photos and text. This product is in limited distribution and will roll out later this year.

Finally, there is a  new direct transfer feature to streamline photo uploads in-store. It makes it easier for consumers to connect their phones to kiosks. Consumers can access the photos they wish to print from their mobile device in three easy-to-understand steps. Unlike traditional tethering, direct transfer allows users to quickly print photos stored in Google, Apple and other cloud-based repositories. Kodak-moments-retail-software-Kodak-Moments-merch

“Our latest version of Kodak Moments Retail Software gives consumers the tools and technology they need to turn their special moments into premium quality photo products,” added Turberg. “We continue to make it easy for consumers to connect, create, order and print from their phones. And by enabling same-day service, we are helping retailers deepen relationships with their customers for long-term success.”

Moreover, Kodak Moments will make additional features available in version 23.2 as retailers prepare for the holiday season.