StudioShare—New App for Busy Pros

StudioShare—New App for Busy Pros


For professional photographers, who are oftentimes on the road and miles away from their studio, finding easier and more efficient ways to connect with clients has been vital to growing their business.

“Retailers may be wise to take note that they, too, could profit from an enhanced mobile presence, or by helping photographers share their work through online gallery hosting services or related applications,” states Stephanie Weber, general manager of DigiLabs Pro. “StudioShare allows photographers to share galleries with their clients who use iPhones or the iPod touch, significantly reducing the time it takes to get proofs to clients,” adds Weber.

Because Studio Share features built-in ecommerce tools, it lets photographers secure orders through handheld devices, thus eliminating the added step of having to meet face-to-face with clients to close the sale. 

“Many of the photographers we’ve spoken with who are using this application have noted that their customers are promoting their work through sites like Facebook and Twitter because of how easy it is to buy photos and then share them, right from the palm of their hand,” states Weber. For example, Digital Creative Group is a Michigan-based provider of photography, videography and DJ services—a virtual one-woman show.  Sara Shunk, owner, uses DigiLabs Pro’s web galleries solutions, as well as proof books/photo albums to share proofs with clients and create gifts. “Professionals like her don’t have the time to walk into a brick and mortar store to purchase supplies and services,” explains Weber. “Everything is being done online.  By using fulfillment options online, she is saving time and giving someone else the headache of keeping her web galleries fresh and active.”

Professionals like Shunk are looking for vendors who approach business the way they do—easy, fast and mobile. Everything Shunk has hosted online is viewable and can be purchased from an iPhone or iPod touch. StudioShare software has helped several high-profile professional photographers build businesses online, and has also created a model that many retailers may want to consider to preserve and grow existing relationships.

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