2017 WPPI Moves to LVCC

Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference + Expo Registration Opens


New York City, NY—Registration for the 2017 Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Conference + Expo is now open. The event will be held February 5–9, 2017 at a new venue—the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

WPPI offers education as well as seminar packages, with Photo Walks, Plus and Master classes, Full Platform classes and filmmaking classes, including a 4-day intensive filmmaking course. Discounts are available to all PHOTO+ members.

Attendees are encouraged to “Join the Movement.” The tagline is apropos for a conference and expo that is moving into its new home at the LVCC due to its continued growth. The move will provide expanded space for the Expo and create additional events and services core to WPPI’s objectives: “embracing its community and expanding networking and educational opportunities.”

Furthermore, the additional space at the LVCC will allow WPPI’s live print competition to expand this year. As a result, the Honors of Excellence gallery will be located in the center of the trade show floor. WPPI will also offer the Community Photo Lounge for collaboration with photographers, educators and friends. In addition there will be a new Show Floor Theater with free product demos daily. There will also be WPPI Shooting Stations. Here attendees can practice what they learned during the conference, right on the show floor.
“For wedding and portrait photographers, WPPI is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and thanks to the additional space we will enjoy at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the events and activities this year will be bigger and better than ever, keeping the party under one roof,” explained Jason Groupp, WPPI director of Education and Membership.

“Education, community, and networking remain the cornerstone of what has made WPPI the largest conference of its kind in the world. Our ability to expand on these core objectives and still have room to grow will further enhance the experience for all attendees, exhibitors, and presenters,” Groupp added.

WPPI is the largest education conference for wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers. It provides a comprehensive and affordable learning experience in or out of a formal classroom environment.

Drawing attendees from all over the world, WPPI will feature more than 200 classes taught by world-class photographers and instructors. They will cover numerous subjects, topics and techniques, including business, portraiture, lighting, posing, printing and sales.

Furthermore, due to overwhelming interest in its series of Photo Walks, attendees will again have an opportunity to venture out with pros and learn by doing. In addition, a new Professional School & Sports Photography Program (PSPI) will focus on this growing segment of the market.

The event’s Full Platform Pass includes five days of education, access to over 80 Platform classes, a three-day pass to the Expo, plus admission to the University for School and Sports Photography, the keynote, and special events. Attendees can also add Photo Walks and Plus or Master classes, which can be purchased separately.

      WPPI Education Program

Platform Class (PC)

A Platform class is a 1½-hour, theatre-style session developed to prepare attendees for everything from becoming a better photographer to running a more successful business. The Platform classes fall into seven learning tracks. These are Lighting, Wedding, Portrait, Inspirational, Business, Workflow and Filmmaking. A Full Platform Pass gives holders access to more than 80 Platform classes.

Plus Class (Plus)

A Plus class is a one-day, intensive learning experience. Limited to 25 participants per class, attendees experience classroom learning through a 2–3 hour presentation by a world-class photography instructor. Hands-on training through an afternoon of shooting on location follows the class. Plus class tracks will include off-camera lighting, posing techniques and workflow. Tip: Register early; Plus classes sell out quickly. They may be purchased as add-on items.

Master Class (MC)

A Master class is a focused two-hour, hands-on session limited to 50 participants that provides a detailed learning experience. Master class tracks cover a variety of vital photography and filmmaking topics. The tracks are Lighting, Wedding, Portrait, Inspirational, Business, Workflow and Filmmaking. Tip: Register early; Master classes also sell out quickly. They may also be purchased as an add-on item.

Photo Walks (PW)

These 1½-hour, hands-on shootouts are limited to 25 people each. They focus on teaching participants to sharpen their observation and composition skills while shooting alongside a leading pro photographer and educator. Each Photo Walk will demonstrate the leader’s unique skill set. This can include off-camera lighting, posing, as well as gear and lens selection. Photo Walks may be purchased as add-on items.

Intensive Filmmaking Class

The fourth annual, hands-on Filmmaking class allows participants to be part of the crew that writes, shoots and edits the official WPPI film. Over the course of several days, they’ll work on a team to capture, direct and produce the essence of WPPI.

It includes the 4-day Filmmaking class; access to all Platform classes; 3-day admission to the Expo; access to all special events; and entry to live judging at print, album and also filmmaking competitions.

PSPI: The University for School and Sports Photography

Organized by PSPI (Professional School & Sports Photographers International), the University for School and Sports Photography is a one-day educational program for those interested in volume school and sports photography. Attendees will learn bestpspi-graphic business practices, how to grow their business, and important school laws as well as regulations on student data privacy. Other topics such as creating team composites, senior banners and the best products to offer will round out a full day of education and networking. It will also offer opportunities for giveaways from vendors exhibiting at the mini trade show that runs all day. Admission is included with a Full Platform Pass.

Special Events

Launch Pad: February 6; 8:30 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
Launch Pad lets attendees get a firsthand look at the new products and accessories exhibitors will have on display during the Expo—before it officially opens. The event is beneficial to attendees whose schedule is filled with Photo Walks and classes throughout the day and may not have sufficient time to visit all the companies participating in the Expo.

Live Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition Judging
With the additional space now available at LVCC, the annual Print, Album and Filmmaking competition is being billed as “the largest live photography competition and judging event in the world.” Attendees will also be able to listen in as judges critique entries. This is a learning experience for those looking for an upper hand with future competitions—or to understand the components that go into a great photograph.

The Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference + Expo is owned and operated by Emerald Expositions. wppionline.com