Editor’s Notebook: Bild Expo Day 1—Something to Build On!

Editor’s Notebook: Bild Expo Day 1—Something to Build On!


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard about the Bild Expo, a New York City trade show put on by B&H Photo and Video. (Bild is the Yiddish word for “image.”) Trade shows in the photo industry have lost a lot of their luster since Covid. Moreover, larger New York City shows, like PhotoPlus Expo, have gone by the wayside. But the Bild Expo Day 1 was refreshing.

Bild Expo Day 1

When I arrived at the Javits Center and walked in the door, I was immediately directed to a line. It had no less than 300 people snaking their way toward the badge counter. Yes, I waited 45 minutes just to get in the front door! And that was my first inkling that this show was going to break some new ground. Bild-Expo-2023-Day-1-nikon-Bild Expo Day 1

However, the Bild Expo isn’t a huge photo show. On the contrary, it is a show where even major manufacturers were restricted in their ability to construct huge booths with overwhelming stages. This show is all about product demonstrations and a few restrained stage shows.

On top of this was a full, complete, in-depth education presentation schedule, including continual photo walks taking place over the two-day event. What’s more, all the sessions feature pro photographers sponsored by the manufacturers. Bild-Expo-2023-Day-1-Sigma-2

Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic and Sigma had the largest presence at the show. However, almost every imaging product offered by B&H had some presence. There was something for every photographer and content maker, and the New York City crowd ate it up.

Registration was free, and best of all, friendships were renewed in a smaller hall that wasn’t overwhelming. (I did four loops around the whole show in just a few hours.) Bild-Expo-2023-Day-1-Canon

My sense is that regional shows produced by local dealers (which isn’t a new idea) may very well be the future of imaging trade shows. Bild-Expo-2023-Day-1-Fuji-Instax

It gives the manufacturers a chance to feature their best and brightest products without breaking the bank. And dealers have a chance to bring their customers together in a friendly, exciting environment.

Day 2 tomorrow!