Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019 Booth: Discover, Create and Learn

Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019 Booth: Discover, Create and Learn

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Melville, NY—The Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019 (PPE) booth will offer visitors a show experience featuring presentations from professional photographers, its latest imaging products as well as interactive photo opportunities. Nikon will exhibit at booth #401 during PhotoPlus, October 24–26, at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Furthermore, on public display for the first time, the DX-format Z 50 mirrorless camera takes center stage at the Nikon booth. Joining the just-announced ILC are the new Nikkor Z DX 16–50mm f/3.5–6.3 VR and Nikkor Z DX 50–250mm f/4.5–6.3 VR lenses.

Nikon-Z-50-w50-250mmDX_f4.5-6.3_left-Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019
Nikon Z 50 with Nikkor Z DX 50–250mm f/4.5–6.3 VR lens

In addition, visitors can check out the rest of the Nikon Z mount system; this includes the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras and S-line lenses. Moreover, attendees can experience Nikon’s fastest lens ever made, the Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct. In fact, a fashion photo shoot experience at the booth will give visitors an opportunity to try out the new Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lens. Moreover, they can go hands-on with the latest Nikon DSLR, Coolpix and Nikkor products at the booth.

Furthermore, the booth will house immersive Nikon Pop-Up Studios. These colorful studio environments will serve as the backdrop for visitors to experience photos and slow-motion video from Nikon’s latest cameras. Nikon Ambassadors and photographers will also host demonstrations on the side stages within the booth throughout the show.

NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct
Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019: Nikon Theater

Whether in-person or tuned into the livestream, the Nikon Theater will offer an array of engaging and inspiring creators. The company has planned lively presentations and conversations from renowned Nikon Ambassadors as well as professional photographers. Furthermore, it will include a variety of topics for all skill levels.

Visitors also will have the chance to go backstage with legends of rock, Baron Wollman and Robert Knight. In addition, they will learn the power of photojournalism with Jodi Cobb, Deanne Fitzmaurice and Carol Guzy; three talented female photographers who paved the way for a new generation of photojournalists. Other topics include: pro sports photography with Rod Mar and Andrew Hancock; and immortalizing the wedding day with Charmi Pena, Cliff Mautner and Jerry Ghionis.

Notably, all the presentations will livestream on, and

Nikon and PDNedu Panel

In addition, Nikon and PDNedu will cosponsor a panel discussion titled “Using New Technology to Inspire and Push Your Creativity.” The panel will take place on Thursday, October 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EDT at the Show Floor Theater, at the back of aisle 100.

Moreover, the panel will include: rising fashion photographer Isabel Epstein; Nikon Ambassador, wildlife photographer and filmmaker Kristi Odom; as well as adventure photographer Mike Mezeul II. All three Nikon photographers will discuss their careers, best practices for producing original work as well as the influence of new technology and techniques within their creative processes. Moreover, the panel will conclude with a Q&A session moderated by PDN editor-in-chief Holly Hughes. A networking reception will also follow.

Nikon PhotoPlus Expo 2019 Schedule

The schedule of presentations at the Nikon Theater follows.

October 24, 2019

• 10:15–10:45 a.m.: Charmi Peña; Connecting and Communicating with Clients for Emotional Imagery
• 10:45–11:15 a.m.: Tamara Lackey; Chasing Frames—Using Photography as a Tool for Discovery
• 11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.: Charmi Peña, Jerry Ghionis, Jide Alakija; Unique Approach to Wedding and Portrait Photography
• 12:00–12:30 p.m.: Matthew Jordan Smith; How to Build Confidence in Your Photography
• 12:45–1:15 p.m.: Robert Knight & Baron Wolman; Legends of Rock
• 1:15–1:45 p.m.: Robert Knight; Rock Gods—50 Years of Rock and Roll Photography
• 2:00–2:30 p.m.: Tamara Lackey, Andrew Hancock, Jerry Ghionis; Pro Tips for Camera Setup
• 2:30–3:00 p.m.: Andrew Hancock; The Competitive Edge—Mirrorless Storytelling in Sports
• 3:15–3:45 p.m.: Corey Rich with Mike Corrado; The Stories behind the Images
• 3:45–4:15 p.m.: Cliff Mautner; The Nikon Z 6 and Wedding Photography—The Perfect Marriage
• 4:30–5:00 p.m.: Kristi Odom, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Robin Layton; Storytelling in Video  Nikon-Logo-Updated-10-2018

October 25, 2019

• 10:15–10:45 a.m.: Jerry Ghionis; Meaningful Portraits
• 10:45–11:15 a.m.: Kellie Bieser; More than Photographs—Creating Memories with Your Camera
• 11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.: Jodi Cobb, Carol Guzy, Deanne Fitzmaurice; The Power of Photojournalism
• 12:00–12:30 p.m.: Deanne Fitzmauricep; A Small Footprint Film
• 12:44–1:15 p.m.: Jen Pottheiser, Rod Mar, Andrew Hancock; Working with Professional Athletes
• 1:15–1:45 p.m.: Rod Mar; Sports Photography—Blink and You’ll Miss It
• 2:00–2:30 p.m.: Ted Hesser, Joshua Cripps, Deb Sandidge; The Art of Travel and Landscape Photography
• 2:30–3:00 p.m.: Deb Sandidge; The Art of Travel Photography
• 3:15–3:45 p.m.: Gabriela Herman; A Vibrant, Energetic Approach to Lifestyle Photography with the New Nikon Z 50
• 3:45–4:15 p.m.: Baron Wolan; I Saw the Music
• 4:30–5:00 p.m.: Todd Owyoung; Rock and Roll—Backstage and Beyond

October 26, 2019

• 10:15–10:45 a.m.: Robin Layton; The Power of Personal Projects
• 10:45–11:15 a.m.: Ron Magill; Wildlife Photography—A Tool for Conservation
• 11:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.: Dixie Dixon; Secrets of a Fashion Photographer
• 12:00–12:30 p.m.: Joshua Cripps; Creative Travel and Landscape Photography
• 12:45–1:15 p.m.: Jide Alakija; Storytelling Portraiture
• 1:15–1:45 p.m.: Kristi Odom; From Stills to Slow Motion
• 2:00–2:30 p.m.: Jen Rozenbaum; Top Tips to Create Impact in Boudoir
• 2:30–3:00 p.m.: Elizabeth Blank; Making Waves—Exploring the World of Underwater Child Portraiture
• 3:15–3:45 p.m.: Dave Black; Light Transformation