Sigma fp Dial/Button Conversion Service Launches

Sigma fp Dial/Button Conversion Service Launches


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma Corporation launched its new Sigma fp Dial/Button Conversion Service for the “world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera.” With this for-fee customization service exclusively for the Sigma fp, Sigma will convert certain parts to those of the recently announced Sigma fp L.

Sigma fp Dial/Button Conversion Service

The new service will convert various camera parts, including the Sigma fp’s rear dial. Moreover, the converted rear dial will give a firmer click feeling.

Sigma fp mode dial conversion

It will also replace the mode button. The height of the existing mode button will lower. However, the button stroke stays the same.

In addition, Sigma will replace the microphone/cable release terminal cover. Subsequently, the protruding edge that aided in pulling back the cover will be removed.

Sigma fp microphone/cable release terminal cover conversion

What’s more, the service will provide exterior cleaning, sensor cleaning and a firmware update (upon request).

Please note that Sigma will not return the camera’s original parts. All interested parties can contact Sigma’s service department (U.S. Customers only).