SmugMug Video Captures Pearl Harbor 75th Memorial

SmugMug Video Captures Pearl Harbor 75th Memorial

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary © Paolo Cascio

Las Vegas, NV—Smugmug released a film short that follows Paolo Cascio’s journey as he documented the 75th anniversary events of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. December 7, 2016 marked the diamond anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack as well as the destruction of the USS Arizona. The attack took the lives of 1,177 crewmembers. SmugMug is a popular a photo-sharing and storage site.

Every year, a commemoration takes place at the site to honor the unforgettable momentIt is a memorial to those who fell and also the few left who experienced the destruction firsthand. In addition, the 75th memorial marked a milestone in America’s history. The five sole survivors gathered to reflect and salute their fallen friends and crewmembers.

Paolo Cascio

Renowned lifestyle and veteran photographer Paolo Cascio was exclusively invited to document the Pearl Harbor 75th memorial through his photography.

Cascio also was given access to interview one of the remaining survivors—all preserved in the SmugMug film.


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