Sony Adds RX0 Multi-View Shooting Capabilities

Sony Adds RX0 Multi-View Shooting Capabilities

Accessory Camera Control Box Provides a Wired Solution


Las Vegas, NV—Sony Electronics expanded RX0 multi-view shooting capabilities with wired and wireless multi-camera solutions designed to enable more flexibility, creativity and operability.

The RX0, introduced this past fall, brings the imaging quality of Sony’s RX point-and-shoot camera line to a more robust, ultracompact body. The RX0 is crushproof (200 kgf), waterproof (33 feet) and shockproof (6.5 feet). The camera measures approximately 2-3/8×1-5/8×1-3/16 inches and weighs in at 3.9 ounces.

Sony CCB-WD1

The miniature RX0 can be used alone or combined with other RX0s for multi-angle, multi-view shooting. For flexible mounting options in tight spaces, it features a symmetrical lens position and an image flip function, adding to its range of creative potential.

The camera now offers two different types of solutions for multiple camera shooting and control. A wired solution allows for accurate camera synchronization and control. A wireless solution adds convenience and flexibility.

RX0 Multi-View Wired Shooting with Camera Control Box

Sony announced an accessory camera control box (model CCB-WD1) that connects to the RX0 and enables PC control with a web browser via a wired IP (internet protocol) connection. By converting the control signal to IP, camera settings can be controlled from a single PC from any location.

The wired connection also permits more seamless control and synchronization of multiple pairs of RX0 cameras and camera control boxes—100 units in total—for a live-view multi-camera feed. The connection also enables creators to produce movie effects like bullet-time or virtual reality, or shoot events from unique angles.

When using multiple pairs of RX0 cameras and camera control boxes, the settings of all connected cameras can be changed simultaneously. In addition, they can be triggered to all start or stop recording at the same time. Moreover, a video sync function is also available. This enables frame timing to be synchronized between all connected cameras. It also supports stitching multiple images together to create special effects.

Furthermore, files can be transferred directly to the connected PC. User also have the ability to assign and change file names to avoid any confusion when dealing with multiple cameras. In addition, via the camera control box, shooting settings and modes for all connected cameras can be user programmed.

The CCB-WD1 camera control box ships next month for a suggested retail price of $700.