Sony Announces Collaboration with Profoto

Sony Announces Collaboration with Profoto

Announced at photokina, Profoto Air Remote TTL-S Is First Interoperable Product


Cologne, Germany—Sony Electronics announced a collaboration with professional lighting company Profoto. The aim of the partnership is to provide “visionary photographers a new platform to bring their creative and ambitious visions to life.”

The collaboration, announced at photokina 2016, allows for optimized compatibility between Profoto flashes as well as other light shaping tools with Sony interchangeable-lens cameras (ILC). Sony licensed the technical specifications for four of its ILC models to Profoto. This will enable the development of products that provide “a rich light-shaping experience for Sony α camera users,” explained Neal Manowitz, vice president, Digital Imaging, Sony Electronics.

“The passion for enabling great photography is one that we share with Profoto and we are excited that Sony α users will be able to broaden their shooting possibilities,” said Manowitz.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S

The first product to benefit from the collaboration is the Profoto Air Remote TTL-S. The device wirelessly integrates a Profoto AirTTL flash with select Sony α cameras.

The Air Remote TTL-S is a small, wireless radio transmitter that attaches to a Sony camera’s hot shoe. Furthermore, the remote allows TTL metering with any Profoto AirTTL flash.

In TTL mode, the user points and shoots, and the Air Remote TTL-S will communicate with the flash to automatically produce “a perfect exposure.” In addition, for more precise control, users can switch to hybrid mode. This allows them to first shoot with TTL to get a technically perfect exposure, and then switch to manual mode with the same readings and settings to perform creative adjustments.  profoto-air-remote-ttl-sony-side

Patent-pending Profoto High-Speed Sync technology additionally come with the Air Remote TTL-S. According to the company, it is “faster, more powerful and more consistent than any other HSS solution on the market.”

The unit also offers an operating range of up to 1,000 feet and an open frequency band (2.4 GHz).

The Air Remote TTL-S system will be available globally in early 2017. It will have a suggest retail price of $411.