TIPA Joins Content Authenticity Initiative

TIPA Joins Content Authenticity Initiative


Madrid, Spain—The Technical Image Press Association announced that TIPA has joined the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). The global coalition of leading tech and media companies, camera manufacturers, news publishers, creative professionals as well as researchers wants to make content more trustworthy and transparent, wherever it is used.

According to a release from the CAI: “At the Adobe Summit last month, Adobe’s new generative AI model, Firefly, was announced. Along with it came our commitment to leveraging CAI’s Content Credentials to bring transparency to generative AI outputs.

“Every asset produced with Firefly has embedded a Content Credential indicating the model used and its version. This is significant. It not only builds on our mission to ensure tools like Firefly are used responsibly but also gives viewers of this content important context to understand what they’re seeing or hearing, enabling them to make trust decisions when necessary. 

TIPA Joins Content Authenticity Initiative

TIPA’s joining comes at a critical time when content has become easier to manipulate and determining what is authentic becomes more challenging. Generative AI has begun to show up more and more as a creative opportunity. However, it is also becoming a potential threat that poses the need to restore trust in what appears online. TIPA-Logo-Banner

“In addition, to ensure creators have more control over their work, they can use CAI provenance technology and attach “Do Not Train” credentials that travel with their content wherever it goes.

With industry adoption, this will prevent AI developers from training on content with “Do Not Train” credentials. With this universal standard now published in the latest C2PA technical specification, we believe this will be adopted quickly across industry,” the CAI statement continued.

 “The Technical Image Press Association became a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative because it has never been more important than today to be able to rely on the origin and authenticity of digital content,” commented Thomas Gerwers, chairman of TIPA.

 For more on the CAI initiative visit https://contentauthenticity.org.