ArcSoft Releases Whip Social Album Mobile App to Create Photo Albums on...

ArcSoft Releases Whip Social Album Mobile App to Create Photo Albums on the iPad


Fremont, CA—ArcSoft, software developer of multimedia imaging technologies and applications, launched the Whip Social Album mobile application, available for download in the iTunes App Store for iPad. The free app enables users to quickly create and share social albums, combining photos, video, text and music.

The app benefits from automatic enhancements that stem from ArcSoft’s 17-plus years of imaging expertise. The company, which holds an extensive portfolio of patents, embeds its imaging technology in smartphones, cameras and laptops for companies that include Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, LG, Dell and HP.

“We created Whip because we knew there had to be a better way to document and share the experiences that make up our lives. It’s an easy way to experience the power of photos beyond the instant upload without sacrificing speed, simplicity or photo quality,” said Todd Peters, ArcSoft’s senior vice president of Consumer and Commercial Business. “Whip allows users to make and share vibrant photo albums with friends, family and others with similar interests. ArcSoft’s technology is a critical component of millions of cameras, and we’ve built almost two decades’ worth of imaging innovation and experience into Whip.”

With Whip, users can choose up to 24 photos and one video for each album. Once the content is selected, the album is automatically generated with one tap. After that, users can select one of nine templates that range from classic to whimsically fun, include background music from Indie bands and offer the opportunity to caption and edit each photo. ArcSoft’s proprietary image-editing technology, which is built into Whip, permits users to enhance their photos in a number of ways, including: face detection to automatically properly frame portrait shots, even with multiple people in the picture, under a variety of lighting conditions; one-touch enhancement where with one tap, users can adjust brightness, exposure, contrast, sharpness, saturation and visual noise in their photos; and red-eye removal.

Whips can be shared instantly through e-mail or via Facebook, and users can post Whips to the in-app WhipStream, a timeline of the latest Whips created by the community.