ArcSoft Releases Whip Social Photo Album App at Android Google Play

ArcSoft Releases Whip Social Photo Album App at Android Google Play


Fremont, CA—With ArcSoft’s new Whip Social Photo Album mobile app for Android, consumers can make a social photo album along with friends and family, combining photos, text and music. They can also comment on the creation and share the Whip album via SMS, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Consumers can now browse through the free app’s community Whips, which currently include exclusive backstage photo albums by the rock band The Killers and winter tips from fashion guru Eva Chen (formerly of Teen Vogue).

“Our goal is to provide people with an easy but powerful mobile experience that allows them to tell their story,” said Todd Peters, ArcSoft’s senior vice president of Consumer and Commercial Business. “We’re excited to bring Whip to Android, a great platform which will enable millions of users to express themselves and share their social photo albums with the community.”

Creating a Whip is said to be simple: users can choose up to 24 photos for each album. Once the photos are selected, the album is automatically generated with one tap. After that, consumers can select one of nine available templates that range from classic to whimsical, include background music from indie bands and add a haiku or other caption, or get creative with a unique layout.

Once the Whip is created, it can be posted to social networks and to the in-app WhipStream, a timeline of the latest Whips created by the community, where likes and comments can be viewed.

To download Whip from Google Play, visit: