ClickASnap Pay-Per-View Digital Photo-Sharing Platform

ClickASnap Pay-Per-View Digital Photo-Sharing Platform


London, UK—A digital pay-per-view photo-sharing, selling, promotional and hosting platform by entrepreneur and CEO Tom Oswald, ClickASnap allows image creators to profit from their online images. It also enables them to gain brand exposure without having to worry about algorithms while maintaining the rights to their art.

“This unique and revolutionary platform does not use algorithms that stifle the organic reach of its users’ posts like many of the leading social media platforms,” said Oswald.


The platform does not farm data or sell user data. Moreover, it has a WIPT feature that disables the print screen button; this prevents viewers from saving and stealing images from the site.

In addition, ClickASnap has a built-in social media management system that enables users to schedule photos to post to their linked social media accounts. The goal is to boost engagement and revenue and sell the photos across the world, commission-free.

Among the platform’s features are giving users the ability to get paid when their photos are viewed. Notably, they maintain sole ownership and licensing of their work. What’s more, the platform’s feed displays posts chronologically, so every post is organically visible. ClickASnap Logo

The platform also offers unlimited cloud storage and unlimited reach for its users’ profiles.

Tom Oswald is an entrepreneur and the current CEO of ClickASnap. Oswald is a problem solver in a variety of fields; they include robotics, engineering, arts and entertainment, technology, health and wellness, hospitality, as well as retail.

Oswald launched ClickASnap in 2016 by taking monetization methods from video sites like YouTube and his previous company Videscape. He applied them to a digital photo-sharing site. Consequently, ClickASnap permits image creators to profit from their online images and gain brand exposure without dealing with algorithms.