Facebook Buys Fayteq Video-Editing Start-Up

Facebook Buys Fayteq Video-Editing Start-Up


Menlo Park, CA—Facebook acquired the Erfurt, Germany-based computer vision start-up Fayteq. Fayteq develops technology that makes it possible to add or remove objects from videos. First reported by the German media, the acquisition was confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson contacted by Variety. However, no further details or the amount of the buyout were disclosed.

Fayteq’s Adobe After Effects CC plug-in was available in three editions: fayIN Free, Silver and Gold.

Fayteq developed and marketed plug-ins for video-editing applications such as Adobe After Effects. The company’s fayIN plug-ins enable video editors to track objects and then add or remove assets with the help of the tracking data.

Fayteq AR Applications

It was rumored that Facebook may want to use the technology to add live video effects to Facebook Live. Object tracking in live video is also something Facebook has been working on as part of its augmented reality (AR) platform.

Facebook launched an AR platform for its built-in camera feature this April at F8. The platform is able to recognize real-world objects captured by a cameraphone and apply digital effects specific to those objects. Facebook hopes to encourage developers to build AR experiences for use in Facebook on smartphones, which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said would be “the first augmented reality platform that becomes mainstream.”

Furthermore, according to Variety, Fayteq told its customers that its products and services “are not available for purchase anymore.” facebook.com