Facebook Drops Creative Labs & Some Imaging Apps

Facebook Drops Creative Labs & Some Imaging Apps


Las Vegas, NV—Facebook announced it is closing down its internal R&D division, Creative Labs, which it launched less than two years ago. The move is part of a strategy to enable Facebook to act more nimbly—more like it did as a start-up.

Along with the shuttering of Creative Labs, Facebook is discontinuing a selection of its under-performing imaging-related apps. These include the photo-sharing app Slingshot, anonymous chat app Rooms, and a collaborative video app Riff.

While none of these apps were particularly popular, other Creative Labs’ launches had showed more promise. Facebook’s Flipboard competitor Paper is said to have a small but devoted following. And its photo-sharing app Moments saw some recent growth spikes.

According to CNET, a Facebook spokesperson explained that elements of the discontinued apps had been incorporated into the main Facebook iOS and Android applications.

Continued Support for Facebook Paper

Facebook announced it will still innovate with new applications. It will additionally continue to support apps like Facebook Paper. Facebook will also continue to maintain newer spinoffs from Facebook-owned Instagram, like Layout and Hyperlapse. facebook.com