Facebook Rolls Out New Photo Transfer Tool

Facebook Rolls Out New Photo Transfer Tool


Las Vegas, NV—Facebook believes that if you share data with one service, you should be able to move it to another. That’s the principle of data portability, which gives people a choice while also encouraging innovation. Moreover, that is why they are rolling out a new photo transfer tool.

“Today, we’re releasing a tool that will enable Facebook users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos directly to other services; starting with Google Photos,” the company announced early last month.

In September, Facebook published a white paper that explores the privacy questions it considers as the social media giant builds a new generation of data portability tools. Since then, FB had conversations with stakeholders around the world to get feedback about what data should be portable. They also discussed how to ensure FB could protect privacy when enabling data transfers.

“We’ve learned from our conversations with policymakers, regulators, academics, advocates and others that real-world use cases as well as tools will help drive policy discussions forward. That’s why we’re developing new products that take into account the feedback we’ve received; it will help drive data portability policies forward by giving people and experts a tool to assess.”

Facebook Photo Transfer Tool

Moreover, the photo transfer tool they’ve rolled out is based on code developed through FB’s participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project. It was first made available to people in Ireland; worldwide availability is planned for the first half of 2020. FB-Photo-Transfer-Tool Data-PrivacyPeople can access this new tool in Facebook settings within Your Facebook Information; that’s the same place where they download their information.

“We’ve kept privacy and security as top priorities. So, all data transferred will encrypt; and people will be asked to enter their password before a transfer is initiated.”

The company added: “We want to build practical portability solutions people can trust and use effectively. To foster that trust, people and online services need clear rules about what kinds of data should be portable. And also who is responsible for protecting that data as it moves to different services.

“We hope this product can help advance conversations on the privacy questions we identified in our white paper. We know we can’t do this alone. So, we encourage other companies to join the Data Transfer Project to expand options for people and continue to push data portability innovation forward.”