NeroKwik App to Address Problem of Organizing Photos across Devices

NeroKwik App to Address Problem of Organizing Photos across Devices


Glendale, CA—More than 60% of consumers with photo collections on multiple devices or online services “struggle to find, browse or sync their photos,” according to a new study by Nero, a multimedia software publisher.

The study found that 76% of consumers have 25 or more photos on multiple types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, and 52% have uploaded photos to more than one online social network or cloud storage service, including Facebook, Google+/Picasa, Flickr, Instagram and Dropbox.

“Finding photos across multiple devices and online services is a huge challenge for consumers today and it’s only going to get harder,” said Nero’s chief product officer, Martin Stein. In response to this growing problem, Nero launched a free iPhone and iPad app for its NeroKwik mobile photo-sharing service. “NeroKwik reimagines photo sharing by providing a smart, social and simple way to see and share all your photos, wherever they are,” added Stein said.

NeroKwik connects photos across iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as online social networks, and it takes a matter of seconds to add photos from a new device or link an online service to a NeroKwik account. The app maintains a cloud-based catalog of high-resolution thumbnail images of the user’s photos. The original, full-size images stay where they already are. This makes it possible for every photo—even ones that were just taken—to be automatically available on any device through NeroKwik.

The app is visual and touch-based. Photos are automatically arranged into “tapestries,” which are like photo collages of differently sized photos. Tapestries help users sift through potentially thousands of photos to find the ones they want without getting overwhelmed. Users can rate their photos so their personal favorites are displayed larger in a tapestry. In a social view, users can quickly see which photos were the most popular with their friends on Facebook and Google+.

Tapestry photo collages can be shared with others; they can be e-mailed, texted or posted to Facebook or Google+. Unlike static photo albums, they can continually evolve based on feedback and interaction from others. For example, when someone likes a photo in a shared tapestry, it is automatically reconfigured so the photo becomes larger.

The NeroKwik iPhone app and iPad app are now available in the App Store; NeroKwik for Android is available for free on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.