Nikon School 2017–2018 Expands Online Classes & Local Seminars

Nikon School 2017–2018 Expands Online Classes & Local Seminars

Ambassador Workshops Also Added to Curriculum


Melville, NY—Nikon revealed its Nikon School 2017–2018 program schedule. The program offers a variety of courses and interactive workshops developed to appeal to photographers of all levels.

Whether a beginner looking to step up to a DSLR camera or a photo enthusiast looking to enhance his or her skill set, photographers nationwide will benefit from Nikon School’s class offerings. Moreover, Nikon encourages photographers to look out for new and engaging course offerings at online.nikonschool.comNikon-School-Dynamic-Landscape-2Nikon School Online provides photographers with easy-to-follow instructional videos that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The program explores popular topics, including Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography, featuring photographer Taylor Glenn. In this course, participants can uncover the secrets behind capturing stunning landscapes by mastering key elements such as lighting, composition and depth of field. NikonSchool-MacroAlso new to Nikon School Online is Discovering Macro Photography, with photographer Joey Terrill. This class invites individuals to engage with new perspectives by discovering the world of micro subjects.

Nikon School 2017–2018 Local Seminars

In addition to the online experience, Nikon School continues to offer in-person workshops and seminars in local markets nationwide. Among these classes are the specialty Portrait & Lighting Workshops. In this course, attendees will explore the Nikon Creative Lighting system and learn from Nikon Professional Market Technical Representatives. The reps include JC Carey, Andy Dunaway, Brien Aho and Chad McNeeley. Nikon-School-PotraitandLightingFurthermore, photographers Michael Schwarz, Bob Pearson and Reed Hoffmann will return to the classroom to share their expertise and inspire the next generation of content creators.

Additionally, the 2017–2018 Nikon School curriculum will again strike the balance of technical instruction and creative inspiration. It will offer courses showcasing Action and People, Landscape and Travel as well as Elements of Photography.

Furthermore, Nikon will be introducing a new Adventures in Photography course with Reed Hoffmann. It is designed to inspire attendees as they embark on their own journeys in photography. The course also strives to instill confidence in photographers as they explore their own outings and adventures. Nikon-School-Amb154ki_03

In addition, in preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Nikon School will offer special packages and discounts. They are offered to encourage consumers to step up to a DSLR and spread the knowledge of photography education.

For a limited time, users will receive a 30%-off discounted rate that can be applied to all seminars and online classes at checkout, now through November 27, 2017.