Panasonic’s Launches # WhatMovesUs Digital & Social Marketing Campaign

Panasonic’s Launches # WhatMovesUs Digital & Social Marketing Campaign

Michael Phelps in the Panasonic’s #WhatMovesUs video

Las Vegas, NV—At CES 2020, in addition to Team Panasonic, the company launched its #WhatMovesUs campaign. WhatMovesUs features Team Panasonic Olympic athletes. They include gold medalists Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky; Paralympic silver medalist Elexis “Lex” Gillette; as well as Olympic hopeful Sakura Kokumai, a member of the USA Karate National Team.

In a video hosted on Panasonic’s website, with digital ads and social posts to drive viewers to it, the athletes are shown giving back to society. Phelps instructs young people how to swim, as part of the Michael Phelps Foundation signature program, IM. In addition, Ledecky encourages students to participate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This is in collaboration with Ledecky’s STEM education program.


Panasonic Corporation’s new digital storytelling campaign embraces the spirit of changing the world through purpose-driven technologies. Moreover, from showcasing Panasonic employees inspired to create the electric vehicle of the future one battery at a time, to those working on renewable energy and volunteering in the community, the WhatMovesUs creative campaign seeks to expose millennials and gen Z consumers to Panasonic.

WhatMovesUs Katie-Ledecky-Panasonic-Video
Katie Ledecky encourages youth in STEM education

Panasonic’s digital-only campaign also showcases how the electronics company is working toward building a better future through renewable energy technology and batteries designed for electric vehicles. MRM//McCann produced the campaign. What’s more, the #WhatMovesUs campaign will run throughout the current year.

Panasonic focuses on providing integrated technology solutions to businesses and governments that allow them to offer better experiences to their customers as well as people they serve.