SmugMug Redesigns Website to Give Photo-Sharing a Fresh, Modern Look

SmugMug Redesigns Website to Give Photo-Sharing a Fresh, Modern Look


Mountain View, CA—The SmugMug photo-sharing site unveiled a completely new version of its service. Rather than upgrading the current site, cofounders Chris and Don MacAskill asked the SmugMug team to reinvent the entire experience.

“We saw this as an opportunity to combine what we’ve learned through our 11 years, and make SmugMug into what we always imagined it could be,” said Brian Strong, lead engineer at SmugMug.

What the team envisioned was a site with a fresh, modern look and feel, added Strong, “A site that offers gorgeous designs, right out of the box,” with an easy way for users to create their own unique style.

“We’ve built a product that’s not only the most stunning service you’ve ever seen, but offers unlimited personalization that the web has never seen,” said Don MacAskill, CEO and chief geek of SmugMug. “Alone among all the major photo-sharing services, we understand that photo sharing doesn’t just begin and end with beautiful. It begins with stunning and ends with personal.”

The new SmugMug breaks from the standard templates to offer dozens of new designs, with each one completely customizable via the company’s visual and interactive customizer tool for easy site personalization. Every SmugMug site also now includes a responsive design, so it adapts to any viewing screen—from smartphones to large monitors.

Plus, the all-new site organizer was designed to make it easy to manage thousands of files by dragging images into galleries, galleries into folders, and folders into folders, up to five levels deep.