SmugMug’s Camera Awesome iPhone App: 2 Million downloads, 10M Pix Taken in...

SmugMug’s Camera Awesome iPhone App: 2 Million downloads, 10M Pix Taken in a Week


Mountain View, CA—More than 2 million people downloaded Camera Awesome, the free iPhone app SmugMug released a week ago, and took more than 10 million photos within a week of its release.

The company boasts it’s now the #1 photography app in 55 countries and climbing. “The response has been nothing short of breathtaking,” said Don MacAskill, CEO and chief geek of SmugMug. “We’ve watched in awe as people awesomize photos of their beautiful newborn babies, weddings, dinner with friends, vacations, dogs. . . . You name it, they’ve awesomized it.”

Camera Awesome offers multiple shooting options, with high-end features even some expensive cameras lack, added MacAskill, such as a level for the horizon and the ability to focus on one spot and set exposure on another. The app is designed to take sharper, better exposed shots and “awesomize” photos with various effects.
“Awesomize” options include the ability to make photos come alive with vibrant color with just one tap (O-Tap). The Awesomize correction, via the “Awesomize” button in the edit UI, is powered by Perfectly Clear technology, an advanced automatic image correction program. Perfectly Clear’s award-winning technology analyzes photos and applies more than 10 different corrections automatically.
The app also includes hundreds of professional effects, filters, textures, frames and borders to transform images from forgettable cameraphone snappies to works of art. And users can share their photos with one tap to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SMS and e-mail.

Camera Awesome includes exclusive filters created by Kevin Kubota, who was named a Top 10 Wedding Photographer by American Photo and is the genius behind Kubota Image Tools—popular post-processing actions for Photoshop and Lightroom. “I was thrilled to create filters for Camera Awesome because of the power it places in the hands of iPhone photographers,” said Kubota. “Kubota filters are the standard for pro photographers around the world who use programs like Photoshop, and now they are available to everyone via Camera Awesome.”

SmugMug photo-sharing service offers security, unlimited uploads, originals archiving, customizable privacy controls and support. Membership costs $5/month or $40/year to archive, share and print photos.