Streamzoo Mobile Photo-Sharing App Categorizes Photos and Offers Social Gaming

Streamzoo Mobile Photo-Sharing App Categorizes Photos and Offers Social Gaming


Sunnyvale, CA—Streamzoo announced v2.0 of its mobile photo- and video-sharing app, which offers unique social gaming components. The app is available for Android and iPhone devices.

The key features include the ability to categorize photos by #hashtag streams, which connects users who have similar interests in the same types of photos, and it encourages social gaming competition through a Top 50 Leaderboard, user points and 27 badges users can attain.

The gaming components focus around the subject of the picture, how users tag their photos and what the Streamzoo community likes or dislikes. Users can earn “points” on their photos by the number of comments and number of likes, which is added into their overall score on the Leaderboard. And badges cover a variety of topics, including the type of user (e.g. newbie) and category of photos uploaded (e.g., dog lover). Many badges have a backstory, such as the “cat lover” badge. Other badge examples include “hey lover” and “videographer.”

“We decided to make social gaming a key component of our latest Streamzoo release because of how competitive our users can get,” said Ram Ramkumar, CEO of Streamzoo. “Users will call us or ping us online if the Leaderboard has not been updated and feel very passionate about their position in the Top 50. Badges will serve not only as recognition for using the product, but as a fun way to showcase their prowess taking certain types of pictures.”

Additional photo-related features include: the ability to share photos on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr; photo filters and different photo borders that can be applied with a click of a button; advanced photo settings where users can alter the hue, saturation, rotation and brightness; tilt shift of photo taken; the ability to upload pictures by desktop application once the user has 10 followers; and the ability to search photo streams by #hashtag and category topic, instead of only by location.