Ushering In a Digital Revolution

Ushering In a Digital Revolution


At the 2011 International CES, Casio America introduced strategies and products it believes will revolutionize the industry just as it did in 1995 with the first digital camera with an LCD.

This year, chairman and CEO of Casio America, Toshiharu Okimuro, says is the time for new ideas for consumers to enjoy their photos more. And to meet this need, the company introduced the online network imaging service, Imaging Square, and a brand new multifunctional and “flexible” camera, TRYX.

Imaging Square will provide consumers, regardless of the brand of camera they own, to upload photos and create digital photo art. The Casio Network Service uses server-based image conversion technology to compress, analyze and process images to create HDR effects.

These effects are achieved through the company's Digital Craft technology, which can convert any photo into artwork.

The Virtual Painter technology provides photo conversion in 12 different options, including transforming photos into watercolor, oil, pencil or pastel paintings.

Additional features include My Atelier, which allows users to store photos and work on projects; and Gallery, where users can exhibit their work and view others' projects.

Casio will soon offer online printing service, where customers cannot only order prints of their projects but also unique gifts.

In addition to Imaging Square, Casio also introduced the Exilim TRYX digital camera. Incorporating a unique design,TRYX's style is flexible in a variety of ways. The camera's outer rim can be separated from the main body of the camera to act as a grip or kickstand, or can even be hung. The main body can be flipped to allow for self portraits.

Jin Nakayama, corporate officer and senior general manager of the QV Digital Computer Division, says “the new radical design encourages freestyle image capture” in addition to enhancing creative freedom and providing a versatile platform for sharing.

Users can set the camera with motion sensors to time a group shot, for example. The camera also is equipped with HDR functionality for creating photo art work. It can easily be connected to a computer via USB for easy sharing on social networks on YouTube.