Zenfolio ProSuite Plan Launches for Pro Photographers

Zenfolio ProSuite Plan Launches for Pro Photographers


Menlo Park, CA—Zenfolio, a website builder and business resource for photographers, launched the Zenfolio ProSuite plan. The all-in-one business solution provides intelligent workflow automation for professional photographers to manage their businesses.

ProSuite is the third plan to launch on the reimagined Zenfolio platform, which went live earlier this year. It follows the introduction of Portfolio and PortfolioPlus, which cater to aspiring and part-time photographers. However, ProSuite is specifically for the advanced professional photographer.

“ProSuite is a game changer for the professional photographer; it helps them drive more revenue with intelligent, automated business processes. Using ProSuite is like having a dedicated tech, marketing and admin team, helping photographers elevate their businesses,” said Munib Siddiqi, chief product officer.

Zenfolio ProSuite Plan Zenfolio-ProSuite-Plan-mobile-campaigns

The new plan combines an easy-to-use website builder, photo gallery and e-commerce solution; it also delivers CRM tools that work 24/7/365. In addition, it provides integrated booking, real-time scheduling, invoicing, payment and automatic fulfilment capabilities. As a result, photographers can spend more time behind the lens while ProSuite is multitasking for them.

While the photographer is shooting, ProSuite is booking new clients. While the photographer is editing, ProSuite is selling prints, cards and canvases. Moreover, ProSuite emails client campaigns and promotions.

“With its intuitive, feature-rich interface and powerful sharing and selling options, photographers can showcase their work, as well as attract, book and delight clients; and they can manage their business anytime from anywhere via mobile, desktop or tablet,” Siddiqi added.

Key ProSuite features comprise a website builder with templates that support thousands of options for customization. It creates mobile-friendly, interactive galleries to show, share as well as sell photos.

Furthermore, its automated client marketing campaigns work all year. They help photographers generate new revenue from past photo shoots through seasonal digital, print as well as photo gift sales.

What’s more, integrated calendaring, invoicing and payment solutions enable photographers to automate client bookings; sell prepaid packages; as well as offer auto fulfillment. Consequently, the platform streamlines the client photo delivery process after a photo shoot.

Other features include selling with more than 1,000 products from integrated lab partners Millers and Bay Photo. It also provides multiple watermarks for managing different photo businesses to ensure the photographer’s brand is visible on every image shared. In addition, 1TB of storage for 150 000 photos (7MB average file size) is included.

ProSuite is available for subscription from the Zenfolio website.