Digital Product Studio Adds

Digital Product Studio Adds


New York, NY—Renowned baby photographer Kelly Brown’s website,, is joining Digital Product Studio’s (DPS) online education platform to teach photographers the latest techniques for posing newborn babies.

This addition marks the fifth channel launched by DPS, joining the Wedding School, Sue Bryce Education, Meg Bitton Live and Masters Academy. Brown’s website,, will use live streaming as well as interactive technologies employed by Digital Product Studio to create an online learning experience for photographers.

Kelly Brown

“There is nothing more precious than capturing beautiful photos of newborn life. is the definitive resource for learning to create beautiful, timeless images that transcend generations,” announced DPS.

On her website, Brown will share her secrets and also behind-the-scenes techniques for creating 10 of her most requested poses.

“I am very excited to work with the creative minds at Digital Product Studio and join a team of very talented photographers and educators,” Brown said, speaking from her studio in Brisbane, Australia. “The technology being used to create an interactive learning experience via the Internet is quite astounding, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with photographers around the world.”

“Kelly Brown’s Newborn Posing website is a fantastic addition to our growing platform of interactive online education classes for photographers,” added Craig Swanson, cofounder of DPS and also cofounder of CreativeLive. “Our goal at Digital Product Studio is to create a single technology platform where professionals working in a variety of creative genres can have a rewarding learning experience from anywhere in the world.”

Digital Product Studio

Craig Swanson, Aaron Andersen and George Varanakis cofounded Digital Product Studio as an advanced education platform to help the Internet’s best instructors interact with their students. The cofounders each had extensive experience in the photo industry. Moreover, they used that knowledge to create a comprehensive education platform with some of the best photographers and educators. They include Susan Stripling, Sue Bryce, Meg Bitton and now also Kelly Brown.
Digital-Product-Studio-Banner-yellowDPS also co-hosted the first Portrait Masters Conference with Sue Bryce in September. The live conference and expo played host to 400 guests, along with a live simulcast of the two-day conference.

DPS Photographic Education Channels

Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce Education. SBE is one the largest online photographic communities. In 2017, Digital Product Studio helped SBE launch several new initiatives. They include a 12-week course to teach emerging photographers how to build a successful as well as profitable business. In addition, in September, SBE launched its first Portrait Summit in Palm Springs. It was streamed live over the Internet for members unable to physically attend the event. As with all events, the Portrait Summit was recorded and archived for viewing anytime on SBE.

Susan Stripling

The Wedding School. Launched by Susan Stripling in February2016, it is one of the fastest-growing online communities for wedding photography. Hundreds of hours of tutorials were created to help photographers at all levels learn how to build a successful wedding photography business. In 2017, the Wedding School is hosting numerous live events.

Meg Bitton Live. Meg Bitton is one of the most renowned child as well as maternity photographers. She launched Meg Bitton Live (MBL) in October 2016. Since then, MBL has sold thousands of products used by child photographers around the world. Moreover, from shooting to editing, Meg Bitton Live delivers a blend of editing, posing and shooting tips. They are all designed to help photographers hone their craft and increase revenues.

Masters Academy. This platform takes an in-depth look at the world of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Expert Ben Willmore shares his extensive knowledge as well as techniques through a series of tutorials. The series is titled “Learn to Love Photoshop.”