Home with Olympus Sessions Launch

Home with Olympus Sessions Launch


Center Valley, PA—For more than 100 years, Olympus has been committed to making people’s lives healthier and more fulfilling. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is continuing to do the same. In addition to offering healthcare organizations use of its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, clinical collaboration platform MedPresence at no charge for the next three months, it is offering educational sessions for all photographers via Home with Olympus Sessions.

These virtual educational sessions allow photographers to continue to learn the features of their Olympus cameras from the comfort of home. In addition, photographers can sign up for one-on-one sessions with Olympus technical experts to cover individual and specific questions. They may also participate in group sessions, tailored to cover specific photographic genres and/or OM-D model cameras.

Moreover, non-Olympus users are welcome! This is an opportunity for photographers of any background to join together, continue to develop their skills and celebrate their mutual passion for photography. The team of Olympus Experts is available to answer questions through the free, virtual sessions. Olympus Corporation Logo

Home with Olympus Group Sessions

Each group session is open to six participants, along with the Olympus session leader. The small group size allows for expanded conversations and personalized Q&A. As a result, space is limited! Visit the sign-up page here. 

Currently, the company is offering the following group sessions related to Olympus camera models.

  • Getting to Know Your E-M1X. Ask questions and learn about the E-M1X, including the camera’s menu and special features. They include handheld high-res shot mode; intelligent subject detection AF; and live ND mode.
  • Getting to Know Your E-M1 Mark III. You can ask questions about your E-M1 Mark III. You’ll also learn about its menu and special features, like live ND mode, pro capture mode and live composite.
  •  Getting to Know Your E-M5 Mark III. This session focuses on the E-M5 Mark III, including its menu and special features.
  • Getting to Know Your E-M10 Mark II & III. Ask questions and learn about the E-M10 series cameras, including the menu and special features, like easy shooting modes and 4K video capture.

Photography Genre Sessions

In addition, Home with Olympus is providing virtual sessions on the following photographic genres.

  •  Macro Photography. This session will help you think big when shooting small. Ask questions and discuss all things macro, including Olympus features to help score the perfect shot. Gear recommendations are also offered, including the M.Zuiko 60mm f/2.8 and 30mm f/3.5 macro lenses.
  • Landscape Photography. Ask questions as well as discuss settings and lens recommendations. Learn about high-res shot and live ND modes for capturing moving water as well as clouds.
  • Portrait Photography. Learn how to take stunning portraits, whether indoors or outside. Ask questions about portrait photography, including M.Zuiko lens recommendations, using flashes, pro capture mode and tethered shooting.
  • Bird Photography. This session covers all things related to birding. You will discuss ideal settings; focusing; pro capture mode; lens and binocular recommendations; as well as dot sights.
  • Basics of Photography. Explore the basics, from understanding aperture, ISO and shutter speed, to white balance, exposure and auto modes.
  • Live Composite Photography. Get the low-down on live composite, such as star trails, light trails and use in portraiture.
  • Underwater Photography. Learn what gear is best for your underwater photography, the best camera settings and also how to use lighting underwater.
  • Video with Olympus OM-D. Discuss how to best capture video using the OM-D system. You can also get answers to questions about OM-Log, shutter speed, in-body image stabilization and audio.