Nikon Celebrates 30th Year of Eddie Adams Workshop

Nikon Celebrates 30th Year of Eddie Adams Workshop


Jeffersonville, NY—From October 6–9, 100 talented young photojournalists came together for the annual Eddie Adams Workshop, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since its inception, Nikon has been a sponsor of the Eddie Adams Workshop. The workshop offers a unique learning environment for young photojournalists while honoring the legacy of Eddie Adams.

For 30 years, the Eddie Adams Workshop, with continued support from Nikon, has helped shape the future of photojournalism. Also known as the “Barnstorm” due to its location at a rustic upstate New York farm, it continues to be the only tuition-free forum of its kind. Each year it invites 100 students specially selected from around the world based on the quality of their photos. Barnstorm-23-LogoMoreover, many alumni of the program have been awarded with the industry’s most prestigious accolades. These include Pulitzer Prizes, honors from the Overseas Press Club, World Press Photo and ICP.

“Over the years, the Eddie Adams Workshop has helped support some of the world’s top photojournalists and photographers. Nikon continues to be extremely proud and honored to be a part of this long-standing tradition of assisting tomorrow’s photographers, while offering them an opportunity to learn from and work closely with awarded industry veterans,” said Kosuke Kawaura, director, Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. Nikon-Logo-w-tag

“The Eddie Adams Workshop offers an opportunity to provide budding photojournalists and photographers with access to Nikon’s extensive line of professional cameras, lenses and accessories. The same equipment that professionals use in the field today,” Kawaura added.

During the workshop, students are divided into teams and paired with a mentor photographer as well as an editor and researcher to offer assistance on their assignments. Each day consists of hands-on activities, including shooting and editing content, combined with presentations lead by renowned photographers.

Over the course of the workshop, students also have an opportunity to experiment with a variety of photography styles. These range from photojournalism, fine art photography, studio portraiture and underwater work to long-term projects and conflict photography.

Eddie Adams Workshop 30th Anniversary Team

In addition, more than 40 former students return to assist in the evolution of the workshop in leadership, mentorship and speaker positions. They bring with them countless lessons learned in the field and taught to students at the workshop. Furthermore, industry changes are reflected in real time by innovators themselves.

Eddie’s family members (center) gather for the unveiling of the new marker. Photo by Dan Speicher, for The Tribune Review

For the 30th anniversary session, all 10 team leaders as well as one editor and five producers were alumni. The team leaders include: Nancy Andrews, 1988; Mary Calvert, 1990; Danny Wilcox Frazier, 1997; Erika Larsen, 1997; Adrees Latif, 1993; Wayne Lawrence, 2003; John Moore, 1990; Darcy Padilla, 1990; Corey Rich, 1995; and Damon Winter, 1996.

Tim Rasmussen, 1988, is the team editor. The five producers are: Jabin Botsford, 2013; Timothy Fadek, 1998; Josh Ritchie, 2001; Eric Thayer, 2004; and also Daniella Zalcman, 2009.

Moreover, the annual workshop celebrates the legacy of Eddie Adams, who spent years in the United States Marine Corps serving in the Korean War as a combat photographer. Throughout his career, he worked alongside military personnel to document and cover important news stories from around the world.

Beginning in 1989 during the second Eddie Adams Workshop, Adams designated one spot specifically for a military photographer. As a result, over the past 30 years, members of every branch of the U.S. military have attended or volunteered at the workshop and also helped to lead the annual memorial service.