Nikon School April Online Curriculum Streaming Free

Nikon School April Online Curriculum Streaming Free


Melville, NY—Now as always, Nikon Inc. is dedicated to helping creators stay inspired. That’s why the company announced it is streaming all Nikon School April online courses for free during the entire month. Moreover, the goal is to enable creators of all levels to continue growing and exploring their creativity.

“Nikon’s mission has always been to empower creators. In these uncertain times, we can do that by helping creators stay inspired, engaged, as well as growing. That’s why we’re providing all of our courses free for the entire month of April. Let’s come out of this even better,” the company announced.

Nikon School Online provides photographers with convenient as well as easy-to-follow instructional videos they can access anywhere, anytime. Whether beginners looking to step up from smartphone photography or enthusiasts looking to enhance their skill set, creators can explore Nikon School’s entire online curriculum directly from their living room.

Moreover, the sessions are taught by prominent professional photographers. In addition, the courses span various topics. Storytellers can learn everything from video capture and macro photography to landscapes and portraiture.

Nikon School April Online Curriculum

The company is currently offering the following Nikon School April online courses.

Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content with the Z 50. Kitty Peters Nikon-School april-Kitty-Peters

Get into the creator’s mindset and learn how to easily shoot video with Nikon cameras. Using the Z 50, Kitty Peters demonstrates simple ways she uses to create a storytelling video. Whether tasked with shooting a project featuring people, product or vlogging, this is a must attend. Peters also discusses lens choice, camera movements, creative tips and tricks, storytelling, audio and camera settings. Duration: 15:26

Getting Started with Your Nikon DSLR

You can skip the learning curve and quickly get comfortable with your new Nikon DSLR. What’s more, in just 15 minutes, you’ll be on your way to taking—and sharing—photos and Full HD videos. Duration: 16:54

Photographing Children and Pets. Tamara Lackey

Learn the secrets to taking portraits that you’ll cherish for a lifetime from Tamara Lackey, renowned lifestyle photographer and a Nikon Ambassador. In this down-to-earth online video class, you’ll learn how to get genuine expressions from children and pets; create poses that look natural; softly blur the background; set your camera; as well as which lenses are best. Duration: 50:24

Hands-on with the SB-5000 Speedlight. Joe McNally Nikon-School april -speedlights

Discover exciting lighting possibilities using the SB-5000 radio control Speedlight. Join creative lighting master and Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally in the studio as well as the field. McNally demonstrates some truly enlightening concepts. Duration: 41:52

Fundamentals of Photography. Reed Hoffmann

Nikon School instructor and professional photographer Reed Hoffmann helps you go beyond your camera’s auto mode. He teaches you how to master the fundamentals of photography. With in-depth explanations of each topic followed by hands-on demonstrations, you’ll discover how to take your photography to the next level—no matter what type or brand of camera you shoot. Duration: 42:35

Environmental Portraiture. Joey Terrill

Professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill shows you how to define an environmental portrait that reveals a story about your subject in their environment. He also explains how to create environmental portraits using available and Speedlight flash. In addition, you’ll learn how to select the right lens for the photograph and how best to direct your subjects in a clear, positive way that builds trust. Duration: 43:57

The Art of Making Music Videos. Chris Hershman

Learn the tips as well as techniques you need to elevate your video productions. Filmmaker, photographer and Nikon Ambassador Chris Hershman demonstrates the basics for creating music videos. He also presents concepts that translate to every facet of filmmaking, no matter your specialty or genre. Be empowered to make video magic with your DSLR camera. Duration: 01:09:09

Beyond the Fundamentals of Photography. Reed Hoffmann

This session goes beyond the fundamentals with Nikon School instructor and professional photographer Reed Hoffmann. You’ll get a real understanding of how your camera works and how you can utilize your DSLR features to increase creativity as well as create a variety of images. The session offers easy-to-understand explanations and also hands-on demonstrations. Duration: 56:32

Discovering Macro Photography. Joey Terrill Joey-Terrill-macro-photography

Professional Photographer and Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill teaches you the techniques and also secrets for making amazing macro photographs of objects large and small. Learn the different ways of seeing that you’ll use to create beautiful macro photos. Duration: 50:43

Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography. Taylor Glenn

Professional Photographer Taylor Glenn teaches you how to make a picture, not just take one. He explains his tips as well as techniques for crafting a beautiful landscape photograph. Follow Taylor as he makes stunning landscape images, while learning the skills to transform your photography—no matter what type or brand of camera you shoot. Duration: 43:50