New Nikon Wedding Photography Mentors Course with Jerry Ghionis

New Nikon Wedding Photography Mentors Course with Jerry Ghionis

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Melville, NY—Nikon Inc. expanded its Mentors course curriculum, adding a renown photographer/mentor. The new Nikon Wedding Photography Mentors course, which teaches the fundamentals of wedding photography, is presented by Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis.

Moreover, the online course is for intermediate and emerging wedding photographers. It provides the essentials needed to advance in the highly competitive field. Ghionis describes this course as “all the things I wish I learned when I started.”

“We want to educate, inspire and mentor those ready to further their career; watching Jerry work is an eye-opening and mesmerizing experience,” said Jay Vannatter, executive vice president, Nikon Inc.

“People are hungry for quality content and Nikon can make this possible by bringing the expertise of one of the world’s most recognized professionals directly to our consumer.”

Nikon Wedding Photography Mentors Course

Today’s professional wedding photographer needs to be proficient behind the lens as well as savvy in marketing and business. Consequently, the new course includes more than 3.5 hours of insights, business advice and hands-on demonstrations from Ghionis.

Jerry Ghionis

From the fundamentals of posing and business best practices to creative inspiration and proven techniques, it includes everything needed to capture, edit and deliver a full wedding day from start to finish.

Furthermore, the course is made up of easy-to-follow lessons, which users can watch at their own pace. It also provides exclusive bonus downloadables. They include Ghionis’s “Do-or-Die” shot list, recommended gear lists, a shoot day production timeline as well as sample client pricing sheets.

“I am so proud to be featured in the new Nikon’s Mentors course,” said Ghionis. “You don’t have to be a wedding photographer to appreciate the knowledge shared. You’ll laugh, most likely cry and hold your breath as we show you how to be a better photographer of people and connect with your subjects.”

The new Nikon Mentors course, Wedding Photography with Jerry Ghionis, is available online for $299.95. However, now through March 18th there is a special 50% off promotional price of $149.95.

Jerry Ghionis

One of the top wedding photographers in the world, Ghionis’s entertaining theatrical style, charisma and iconic images have helped define modern wedding photography. On the creative side, he’s a master of lighting, posing, composition as well as evoking emotion. On the business side, he’s adept with personal branding, marketing, sales and engaging with clients.

In addition, Ghionis was named one of the top photographers and photography workshop instructors in the world by multiple organizations. Not only a photographer and educator, he is also an inventor, director and philanthropist.