Polaroid University Launches with Pro Photographer Instructors


Minnetonka, MN—Polaroid is offering aspiring photographers an opportunity to learn photography from pro photographers with the launch of Polaroid University. The new initiative is an online photography education series available at polaroiduniversity.com. In addition, the program is designed to enable photographers of all skill levels to improve their photography skills at their own pace.

Founded by award-winning professional photographer Marc Serota, Polaroid University teaches students to master the camera in order to make better moments. Instruction starts with smartphones and expands to action cameras, DSLRs and other cameras.

Marc Serota

“In today’s digital age, a consumer does not need to own a high-end camera to be considered a photographer,” said Serota. “The latest smartphone technology puts a powerful camera in the hands of millions of people across the country. Americans last year took over 100 billion digital photographs. It’s our goal at Polaroid University to teach everyone how to take high-quality photographs and video footage on any subject using any camera technology. It doesn’t matter if they’re using a smartphone, action camera, Polaroid instant camera or high-end DSLR. We want to offer our students the tools to document and share their lives in the best way possible.”

Polaroid University released its first video episode, “How to use the NEW iPhone,” at polaroiduniversity.com. Taught by Serota, the video demonstrates techniques to iPhone 6s users on how to take the best photos on their device. Additional videos are coming to the site shortly and will cover such topics as taking vacation photos, photographing kids and taking the best pet photos—all using a smartphone. In addition, 20 more online photography episodes will be rolled out, focusing primarily on smartphone photography.

In addition, in 2016 Polaroid University will complete its first online photography collection of 50+ episodes on all genres/subjects. It will expand its offerings to cover action cameras, drones, DSLRs as well as other forms of photography.

“Polaroid has been committed to making it easier for people to capture and share their memorable moments. Whether it be through the latest innovative technology or expert know-how,” added Scott W. Hardy, president and CEO of Polaroid. “Polaroid University provides everyone with easy access to expert photography knowledge. The fun and entertaining online classes are designed to help every photographer, no matter the skill level, take photographs and videos that they’re proud to share with their loved ones.”

Polaroid University Instructors

All Polaroid University videos are instructed by professional photographers. Joining Serota will be photojournalist Rick Friedman; photography instructor as well as nature photographer Robert Sullivan; wedding/portrait/children photographer Jannette De Llanos; 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winner Patrick Farrell; and also ZOO Miami curator Ron Magill. In addition, videos will feature episode hosts that will include Fox Sports journalist Hanna Ostapchuk  and portrait photographer LaRae Lobdell.

Polaroid University offers an annual membership to watch all episodes for $19.95. The first episode, “How to use the NEW iPhone,” is currently available for free at polaroiduniversity.com.