X-Rite Merges into Calibrite Photo & Video Color Management Solutions

X-Rite Merges into Calibrite Photo & Video Color Management Solutions

ColorChecker Line Rebrands as Calibrite ColorChecker


Grand Rapids, MI—X-Rite Incorporated and Calibrite formed a partnership to transition the X-Rite photo and video portfolio to Calibrite. The newly formed company will provide color management tools for the photo, video and content creation markets.

Moreover, it will collaborate with X-Rite on product development. It will also take direct global control of the packaging, distribution and marketing of X-Rite photo solutions. Consequently, X-Rite technology will power the new company’s suite of products.

“X-Rite’s expertise is world-leading; knowing that future ColorChecker products will be based on core X-Rite technologies licensed to Calibrite gives us confidence that our customers will continue to have state-of-the-art products. We are excited to focus our R&D team on developing the next generation of color management software and look forward to offering both existing X-Rite users and new Calibrite customers significant updates in the coming months,” said Geoffrey Clements, Calibrite’s copresident. Calibrite-ColorChecker-LifestyleSince 1958, X-Rite was a major supplier of color management products in the photo and video industries. It developed a range of products, including color targets and calibration devices. Now, as part of a strategic change, X-Rite decided those markets are best served through a dedicated partner solely focused on the unique needs of photographers and filmmakers.

Further, Calibrite was formed by a group of passionate investors who worked with X-Rite in the photo and video markets for more than 20 years. The company will continue to provide solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers as well as other content creators who work with color.

The Calibrite team will build upon X-Rite’s products and legacy. It also plans on adding a heightened level of education, inspiration and customer support.
Calibrite Powered by X-Rite

Under the agreement, Calibrite will license core technologies from X-Rite. X-Rite will manufacture the devices for monitor and printer calibration; it will also provide color materials from the Munsell Lab for ColorChecker targets. The goal is that Calibrite customers will receive the same level of quality X-Rite photo customers have enjoyed for decades.

The Rebranded ColorChecker Line

The new team remains dedicated to an extensive research and development program. The goal is to upgrade as well as develop new products covering monitor, printer, camera, scanner and projector calibration. Calibrite will also collaborate with X-Rite color scientists to develop solutions that evolve with technology.

Furthermore, all Calibrite’s products should look familiar. X-Rite i1Display and i1Studio devices and the range of ColorChecker targets will rebrand under the Calibrite ColorChecker name.

What’s more, Calibrite appointed X-Rite’s distributors—MAC Group in North America as well as the Lumesca Group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa—as exclusive distributors in those areas. Calibrite also has agreements with other X-Rite photo and video distributors in the Asia-Pacific region. It also is actively seeking new partnerships for territories not currently covered.

Support for Current X-Rite Customers

In addition, Calibrite is providing global support for all existing X-Rite photo and video customers. It will honor warranties for products previously sold by X-Rite. Customer support is provided via a dedicated support portal on calibrite.com; technical specialists will respond to support requests by e-mail or phone. Moreover, it maintains access to X-Rite’s library of customer support documents.

“X-Rite is delighted to be able to engage with our long-term partners to transition our photo and video business. The Calibrite leadership team has extensive knowledge and experience, as well as the passion to support our customers globally. This partnership fits into our strategic goal to grow our display business through key industry partners and also provides a platform to continue to offer globally recognized ColorChecker targets,” commented Jan Keller, vice president of Global OEM Sales, X-Rite.


  1. Meanwhile, I purchased an X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3 back in December only to find out yesterday that the ColorChecker assets were not included in my kit. This, in spite of the fact that X-Rite at the time of purchase, and still today, states on their web site that the ColorChecker assets are included in the kit. Additionally, the “What’s Included” section of the packaging itself states the ColorChecker assets are included.

    X-Rite is trying to weasel out of providing the ColorChecker assets to me. I was lied to by X-Rite and they continue their false advertising on a $2,685 kit. This is outrageous, unethical behavior. I have reached out to an attorney for help.