Mitsubishi CP-D80DW Dye-Sub Photo Booth/Event Printer

Mitsubishi CP-D80DW Dye-Sub Photo Booth/Event Printer

Prints 2x6 Strips to 6x8 Portraits on One Roll of Media


Cypress, CA—Mitsubishi Electric introduced the latest addition to its line of dye-sub printers: the CP-D80DW. The photo booth and event printer completes the company’s line of rewindable printers. These printers are capable of printing sizes from 2×6 inches to 6×8 inches from a single type of media. As a result, event photographers can offer a wider selection of print sizes without having to swap paper rolls or keep stock of multiple media types.

The CP-D80DW is also designed with space in mind, both from the printer’s footprint and from the user’s perspective of having to stock less media. Moreover, it prints high-resolution 4×6-inch photographs in approximately 11.3 seconds. Specs also state that it provides a 96% reduction in energy consumption in standby mode.

Mitsubishi CP-D80DW

“The CP-D80DW is a step up from our best-selling value model, the CP-K60DW-S, with the same great features, but with higher print quality and higher print capacity per roll of media. It has an enhanced image-processing method that allows for the reproduction of excellent, high-resolution true color prints,” the company announced.

The compact dye-sub printer can produce four different print sizes from a single media. These include 2×6-, 4×6-, 6×6- and 6×8-inch prints from the same roll. Furthermore, with the CP-D80DW’s “rewind” technology, when only one 4×6 photo is printed, the donor ink ribbon is rolled back to the last unused 4×6 half of the ribbon to avoid wasting it. Photos can also be printed with either glossy or matte finishes.

Additional CP-D80DW Features

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the CP-D80DW measures 10.8×6.7×17.6 inches and weighs in at 26.5 pounds. The printer is said to be easy to set up, integrate and transport. As a result, it is ideal for photo booth and event photography. Furthermore, its front-loading mechanism is engineered for quick front access for consumables.

In addition, Mitsubishi claims that the printer’s new image-processing circuits enable “smooth, natural images for sharp, high-quality printed images with little or no color bleeding.”

Mitsubishi CP-D80DW

Moreover, the printer is compatible with most popular operating systems in Windows 8 and Mac computers. Other features include a jam-free, roll-type media transport mechanism and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. Pricing and availability are yet to be announced.