Simon Says On-Prem Secure Video Transcription Platform

Simon Says On-Prem Secure Video Transcription Platform


San Francisco, CA—Simon Says, a timecode-based AI transcription and video assembly platform for video professionals, released Simon Says On-Prem v2. Moreover, the company built the self-contained video transcription, offline software for organizations and enterprises seeking to increase productivity with speech recognition. The software also complies with the strictest security protocols to protect sensitive content.

“Simon Says On-Prem was developed in response to enterprises and organizations who are precluded from sending audio, video, interviews, dailies and edits to the cloud; and to comply with their workplace security policies,” explained Roderick Hodgson, Simon Says’ CTO. Hodgson is also a cybersecurity and AI engineer who was instrumental in developing secure interoperable standards for communication and cryptographic video fingerprinting.

“They want the productivity gains from advanced AI transcription, the security of on-prem, with the ease of use and price point of prosumer software. Simon Says On-Prem delivers on all fronts.”  Simon-Says-Logo Simon Says On-Prem

Simon Says On-Prem

The Simon Says On-Prem solution contains many of the benefits and features that made its cloud-based version a popular tool for video transcription. These include accurate AI; a user-friendly interface; an intuitive editor where the video and transcript are in sync; automatic transcript alignment to media start timecode; and seamless integration with major video-editing applications.

Simon Says On-Prem syncs with the video’s start timecode/frame rate

Notably, On-Prem runs completely locally and on air-gapped computers. No data goes to the cloud—ever. As a result, On-Prem enables video teams to transcribe interviews, identify the meaningful parts of their recordings, create accessible captioned videos, and subtitle their edits, all securely.

In addition, installation is easy and the UI is straightforward; non-tech team members can set up and go. Moreover, the software runs on any modern laptop and desktop. Users can download and install in a few clicks. Once installed, users can drop in files and immediately transcribe.

They can also use the editor to annotate, bookmark and add speaker names. They can then export markers, subtitles, captions and text to Avid, Adobe, Final Cut Pro X and also DaVinci Resolve.  Simon-Says-On-Prem-exports2

Additional features include Mac/PC compatible, minimum 16GB RAM; supports most audio as well as video file formats and codecs; syncs with the video’s start timecode/frame rate; and offers timecode-based transcription in English, French, German, Spanish and dozens more.