Zigazoo Generation Z Video App Launches

Zigazoo Generation Z Video App Launches


New York, NY—Originally created as a nontoxic video platform for kids, Zigazoo is growing its social media brand. On March 25, the company launched its new Zigazoo Generation Z-focused video app. The new invite-only app is aimed at ages 13 and older.

Moreover, since the new app is taking the founding brand name, the original TikTok-style video-sharing app for generation Alpha (ages 3–12) was renamed Zigazoo Kids. The latter, which launched in 2020, has since become the world’s largest social network for generation Alpha, created as a “nontoxic” platform.

“Today’s social media is harmful and exploits the human brain by algorithmically promoting negative, destructive content that we can’t help but turn our focus to,” the company stated. Zigazoo-Logo-w-bg--Zigazoo Generation Z video app

“Our mission is to bring out the best in humankind, build genuine connections and cultivate a better society through positive, authentic social media built on ethical algorithms. At the largest of scales. For all.”

Zigazoo Generation Z Video App

The new video-first app, like the original, is a video thread-style platform that doesn’t allow users to type comments on posts. Instead, they can respond to each other only via short-form videos. That’s because the company believes that format reduces negative comments and trolling.

In addition, users can answer video-driven prompts; for example, “What are your favorite sports?” or “What’s on your mind?” Further, the new app includes other safety measures, such as optional private accounts; human-in-the-loop moderation; and an algorithm said to promote positivity.

Unlike Zigazoo Kids, a top-5 app on the Apple Store, the Gen Z app does not necessitate parental consent. In addition, it has a direct messaging feature powered by auto-moderation software. What’s more, the gen Z variant has other features tailored for that demographic. For instance, there are searchable music and trending sounds. And all users can create a “Vibe,” which is a video that other users are able to respond to. The company also plans to integrate entertainment channels, where creators can lead the content. 

Since its launch, Zigazoo has empowered millions to express themselves within a positive social media environment. Consequently, it has become a destination for top-tier creator talent, celebrities and brands. Those brands include the NBA, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Amazon, Apple TV+, Netflix, and WWE.

“We are American parents and teachers who get our inspiration from children and believe in the power of kid creations,” the company announced. “We founded Zigazoo in 2020 to give parents the tools they need to make screen-time healthier, smarter, guilt-free and joyful for families around the world.”