Printing Press: What’s Happening December 2021

The final installment of the year, What’s Happening December 2021 looks at new consumer all-in-one printers; new specialty papers; and a new event system to capture more memories faster and easier. We also give...

HP Envy Inspire with HP+: HP’s Best All‐Around Home Printer

Palo Alto, CA—The new HP Envy Inspire with HP+ all-in-one printer addresses the evolving needs of families as they work, learn and create memories from home. “Envy Inspire was built based on firsthand understanding of...

Leica M11 Full-Frame ILC with Triple Resolution Sensor

Allendale, NJ—The new Leica M11 combines the experience of traditional rangefinder photography with contemporary camera technology. It features an exclusive triple resolution sensor; an expanded ISO range; dual memory; extended battery life; as well...

H&Y Magnetic Holder Cap for K Series Filters

Hong Kong—A photography filter manufacturer, H&Y Filters introduced a magnetic holder cap for their signature Magnetic Filter system. Bound by strong magnetic force, the cap provides protection for the lens when the holder is...

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