Canon Solutions America & LexJet Form Strategic Partnership

Melville, NY—A division of S-One Holdings, LexJet announced a new sales and distribution partnership with Canon Solutions America. CSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA. The goal of the strategic partnership is to...

Epson SureLab D1070DE and Epson SureLab D1070 Minilab Photo Printers

Los Alamitos, CA—To address the demand for small-format photos and deliver high-volume custom output, the Epson SureLab D1070DE and Epson SureLab D1070 minilab photo printers were released. The dry-lab printers are for high-volume photo...

Tamron’s Developing First Fuji X-Mount & Sony E-Mount Lenses Simultaneously

Commack, NY—Tamron Co., Ltd., announced it is developing its first lens for Fuji X-mount and Sony E-mount cameras simultaneously. For APS-C mirrorless cameras, the lenses will reach retail in the fall of 2021. Tamron launched...

MiNT SLR670-X Zero Retro Analog Throwback

Hong Kong—In keeping with the original idea of Dr. Edwin Land, the mastermind behind the Polaroid SX-70, the MiNT SLR670-X Zero goes back to the drawing board. “Compared to the original blueprint,” announced MiNT,...

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